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Communication through the power of thought/ telepathy…?

Do you believe we all communicate through the power of thought, or telepathy, but that most of us are unaware of it?
I have been told that I can do this, but until I was told I was communicating in this way I had no idea I was doing it. Since then I have felt the connection with this person when we are not physically together, like waves or vibrations. Do you have any experience of this?


  1. I dont believe it is as straight forward as mind to mind reading , not in word form at least
    I do believe that we read energy , and from that energy we can tell a lot about someone
    it is as you described , it is vibrations
    and yes this happens more so with people who are close to us
    snap greenwood lol

  2. Thought is a process of the brain….and is energy, albeit, not measurable in any way. But, if someone has the ability to tap into this thought energy, then we must say telepathy is at least a possibility. I think, though, we pick up on non verbal cues vs. telepathy or reading minds. Not to say you do or don’t have this ability…I don’t know you at all. I just know that I’ve not met anyone who can do this.
    Peace, Love, and Blessings

  3. not that I can remember, but my wife has a special connection with her mother, she would know when her mother was thinking about her, 50 miles away.
    she had on with her daughter, when she would hide something from her, while she was out of the room, our daughter would come in climb up on the cabnet or under the bed, or where ever it was hidden, and get it. she didn’t look for it, but went straight to it.
    now when she thing about giving one of our dogs a treat, they will wake up and go to her.

  4. With our Father and His Son in the Holy Spirit, yes. I can express thoughts to my children without words, even to hubby when he is receptive but that is more conditioned training to physical clues and their already learned awareness of my thought patterns.

  5. I believe that when we open ourselves to possibilities, that yes we can communicate through thought/telepathy.
    I have deep connections with people which render this process possible. We are great distances away from oneanother and manage to thing the same thoughts and type them simultaneously. I have experienced this since my childhood, and have not been able to explain why this is within me. I know that our bodies do emanate vibrations/waves and that when a person is perceptive/intuitive they can feel our thoughts and feelings.

  6. Absolutely.
    It’s actually a natural ability . The problem is one’s awareness level and certainty of it.
    Some aboriginal people communicate this way and consider it very normal. There are many reasons why this ability has become uncommon. Particulary in western societies and civilization today.
    Even when words, vocal chords and language and sound (hearing) are used as a via, there still has to be thought and intention first for any communication to take place between two people.

  7. i am trying exercises in these forms of communicating…i am hoping to ;ink with someone special to me ..i truly believe that if you wish something strong enough it can happen…another form of this is remote viewing ..i hope i am successfull


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