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Coming Out of the Religious Closet?

My mother is christian, I’m not, im actually wiccan but I can’t tell my mom that. She’s one of those strict/selfish christians who believes in what they say is right and that the parents have the right to beat thier child to make them better (though my mom happens to do it whenever shes mad and i happen to do anything she doesn’t like) plainly put it my mother is a you know what, so much that I decided I was never going to be christian.
But I’m afraid to tell her this because she would go off and beat the crap out of me, now Im not sure if this is the right place to put it, but I need serious help, my mother is trying to get me baptised and doing things in church (urgh) k so yeah, any advice as to how I make it to my eighteenth birthday without killing myself?? Not to mention the fact that I’m bisexual and my mom threw out my book of shadows last week (im going to kill her for that i can assure you)


  1. The thing that concerns me the most here, is your threat to kill your mother. Whatever her faults may be, threatening to kill her has no excuse.
    Not to mention, threatening to commit murder is a felony.

  2. Coming Out of the Religious Closet?
    Yes, you should do just that.
    It is unwise to kill ones mother. BAD SOCIAL ETIQUETTE!
    Even among muslims like you.

  3. I know how you feel, I have mother who is an intolerant/evangelical Christian and I never told her. In your case though with your mom being very abusive, you should talk to a trusted adult, or even social services about your mom’s behavior. You can email me for support.

  4. I would urge you to base your opinion of Christianity on the Bible alone and not on failed humans. The principles in the Bible are good and true and people have always messed up and made mistakes. Read it for yourself with a true seeker’s heart. Is your eternal soul really worth risking becaue you’re mad at your mom?? Find out for yourself before you throw out your mom’s religion.
    And I thought a Wiccan “idea” was to cause no harm??? What kind of Wiccan threatens to kill their mom? Sounds to me like you don’t know what to believe.

  5. Why do you need to tell her anything? My mother never knew I was Wiccan and she died in 2003. She didn’t need to know. Your parents dont need to know everything about you. its one of the things you need to realize as you grow up.
    As for baptism and the church, just say no. And if she beats you for it, you can go to the cops. I’m sure she wouldn’t be stupid enough for that.

  6. Why not set up a private meeting with your mom’s Pastor & you spilling the beans? He may be able to help you deal with the abuse your Mom is dishing out, and possibly provide some support you need right now.

  7. As far as I can see, you have a few options.
    1) Simply go to social services, but in many states they DO tell the person accused, who spilled the beans, and your mom would know you told them. Really bad news if they don’t do anything about it.
    2) Say, thanks but no thanks. Which might or might not work, and depending on your family situation, may get you beat up anyway.
    3) Go thru the Baptismal, or whatever it is she wants you to do, and realize that NO ceremony can MAKE you a religion, unless you accecpt it in your heart. You can be baptized a thousand times, and if you don’t believe in their mythology, then it won’t stop your faith in the Lord and Lady. Plus, then your mom will believe that “the demons” or whatever “made” you create a book of Shadows have fled, and in time she’ll forget about it. That way you can pretend, and escape without the beating, and keep your head down until you turn 18. You don’t need tools to do magick, the power is within you. Prayer is Spellwork. I’m sure you can find the Lady and Lord in your “church time”. (Especially if your mom is Catholic. Many Pagans see the Virgin Mary, as the Goddess.)

  8. I understand exactly what you are talking about because I’ve been there. No one can really understand until they’ve been in that situation. Killing yourself shouldn’t be an option, you CAN make it through. I made it through and it only made my beliefs that much stronger. You’ll make it too but I’m sure you could use someone to listen. Please feel free to e-mail me privately because this is a subject that I normally don’t discuss on public forums. You can also browse through my Q&A’s to see a little about what type of person I am before e-mailing me (this is a very good thing to do with anyone before privately e-mailing them). Best of luck and please know that there’s someone out here who believes that you can make it through!


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