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Collective consciousness?

I felt sad ever since I woke up – and it’s very unusual, as I practice ‘happiness without reason’ (which works great, btw).
In the afternoon, I heard on the radio that this day is the most depressive day of the year.
Could it be that I connected to some sort of collective mind or something, while sleeping?


  1. Some guy with no statistics background made that up to verify his hypothesis that people don’t like Mondays. You can safely ignore that news broadcast.
    No, there is no ‘collective consciousness’. You just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Happens to everyone. I usually just go back to sleep and try again. 🙂

  2. To reference a funny movie: “Sounds like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays!” If I listen to the news too much, I get a little melancholy. There’s so much bad stuff going on out there. Maybe that’s what happened with you.

  3. Yes, there are many who think that collective consciousness exists and can be felt, and impacted by our own actions. There are many aspects of life that physical science research methods can’t fully explore, and that does not mean those things do not exist.

  4. My guess is that the statistics about this being the most depressive day are right, and you fall into the main group: people who feel depressed on this day

  5. I’ve heard of Seasonal Disorder…maybe that’s part of it. Also , maybe it has to do with the moon and other things about the universe etc. It could be because it’s when the after Christmas sales are over. (but that would be a girly thing!) It’s after you’ve had the high of Christmas..then the flop afterwards. It’s BEFORE you have to fill out your tax form (when you get your W2 forms)..It’s about the time you start breaking your New Year’s Resolutions. It’s when you realize there’s another
    holiday coming up…Valentine’s Day..and either you’re alone…or want to be. It’s when you have to start saving for NEXT Christmas all over again…for a solid year! Maybe because you get paid on the 1st of the month and you know this month has 31 days in it…again..like the last one! It’s when you know that the upcoming paycheck has already been accounted for by the credit cards you used for Christmas. Could be because you’ve already run out of money for the month. OK..I’ll google and see if I can find more reasons. There’s got to be some reason/s they (?) named it the most depressing day. edit..Hey ! I got a lot of them right. ! And I was going to say weather…but that was too obvious. Actually, I think they had 3 dates..the 21st,23rd, 24th Choose your link!

  6. It could be you were influenced by what you heard on the radio. I think that’s the most likely explanation. It’s also possible your “happiness without reason” is taking a break.

  7. I think Deenie gave the best list of normal reasons so far.
    However, I do think the mood (and activities) of others can have an effect. For instance the government doesn’t want to stat talking about a recession for fear of creating one via a self fulfilling prophecy.
    I also think that people can be effected (influenced not controlled) on levels not yet fully understood by science.
    I have included a couple of links below.

  8. Although I’m not sure that this particular experience is the greatest example of it, I truly believe in the theory of a collective consciousness.
    Ever since I was a small child, with no religious teachings or even remotely spiritual conversations from adults or friends — I have always felt this way.


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