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Collective Awakening?

Anybody had shared group spiritual awakening?
Either on entheogens, at a concert, church, or otherwise? Question for people of all denominations. This is a serious question! Is there a reason this is happening now? What is in store for us, human-kind.. What is your intuition?
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  1. No I have not. I don’t think true spirituality is a group experience. If you feel a commonality with a group in a spiritual sense, that’s fine, but I don’t think people in a room are going to have a simultaneous spiritual awakening. True spirituality is more personal than that.

  2. Look around and you will see that throughout the world, a very definite line is being drawn in the sand. Believers on one side and non believers on the other. For us Christians, the Bible foretells this trend as we near the end times. By “near” I mean only closer, not that the end times are coming any time soon. Only God knows that.
    As society becomes more sinful and hard to take for all people, many will turn to God and many will turn away from God.

  3. i’ve always liked the collective awakening concept, the hope for it. that somehow there would be a trigger to a sudden spurt of emotional/spiritual growth within the human mass mind and enlightenment would occur on all levels of human thinking. i’ve been within groups of individuals who, gathering for various reasons, wordlessly shared with each other visions and thoughts in almost telepathic exchange. i wish i could express to you the experience but it’s impossible to describe with mere words.

  4. I have – tonight in fact, at church. We had a girl from Ghana who has cancer and we all came together and prayed for her healing. The Spirit of God was moving and we all experienced it together. We do that all the time at my church and it is absolutely the most wonderful thing in the world. God moves in the praises of His people.

  5. Yes with about 10 people, yes we were all doing a guided meditation…. We all felt like we were floating and had a hightened sense of Spiritual awareness….. Having a group experience of that kind, can be even more amazing !
    Yes i think there is a reason that collective awakening is happening, the mass consciousness is changed more effectively, when collective/group awakening happens !
    There is some amazing things in store for all of us, but it depends on each individuals reality and beliefs, as to what each person will experience…… My Intuition says that this Planet Earth is changing rapidly, it is going to move on to its next stage of evolution, and be a planet of a higher spiritual plane/dimension, there is a change going on right now, many can feel it already, so Wake Up, the time is now !

  6. Twenty years ago, as a ten year old, I one night got a thought, quite out of character, of “death”.
    (The fact that it comes to all of us, etc. Was pretty sobering). 🙂
    The next day I went to school, and about 4 – 5 other kids had ‘thought of’ / ‘dreamed’ the same thing.
    James Redfield calls this type of phenomenon “Synchronicity” in his best-selling books, the Celestine Prophecy series.
    Carl Jung used to speak of a universal (shared) subconscious.
    Good question, but I think & hope it is a benign thing.
    Technologically, educationally, and therefore maybe intuitionally, we’re probably more developed than ever before.
    We should probably use this / these developments for the greater / wider good.
    (By keeping our minds perfect). 😉
    Best Wishes,
    A. R.


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