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coincidences? or paranormal sensitive?

first of all, i’m a huge paranormal skeptic. i don’t know whether or not it’s real, and i don’t expect to ever know. but, that being said, i’m curious if some things that have happened in my life have any…meaning to them. 1. i got a feeling one day that someone was going to die. i wrote “someone will die soon” in the notepad on my phone so that it showed the time and date that i said it. 2 days later, my mother’s cousin died unexpectedly. 2. i was in my hometown about to go camping and i had a feeling there would be a car accident. it was nice in my town, sunny and about 45 degrees. half an hour out of town, it was snowing like mad, the worst i’ve probably ever seen, and just minutes before we got there a car has driven off the side of the hill. it was a small hill and the car wasn’t really wrecked, but still. also, and these last two may be nothing: 1. i sometimes think i see people in my house. always the same 2 people, always in the same places. but i dont SEE them, i just…see them in my head i think. its really frightening. and 2. i know when people are going to speak but are holding back. im sure this can just be attributed to reading body language, but it always catches them off guard when i ask what they were trying not to say aloud.
i realize this sounds ridiculous, unrelated, and probably childish. but i figure this can’t hurt to bring up. my mother once was told by a “psychic” (whom i believe to be a fraud) that she can communicate with/understand animals and that she should look into shamanism. her brother, when he was young, would dream of plane crashes just days before they would happen. big ones, where a lot of people died. i’m not sure if this is all a coincidence, or if im even a little crazy. but feedback would be greatly appreciated. thanks.


  1. The “nonpareil mosaic” or “statistical clumping” effects found in statistics require that in a uniform sampling, there will *always* be clumping of events that appear to be more than coincidence. It’s just built into reality as we know it.
    Some people will experience *profound* examples of these types of coincidences. I believe this has happened to you.
    If you haven’t, you could google “confirmation bias” to learn about another factor which skews our experience.

  2. People are dying unexpectedly and having car accidents all the time. What would have counted as a hit, your mother’s cousin, the old lady across the road, Michael Jackson, your friend’s dentist? And what time frame would you still count as a hit, two days, two weeks, two months?
    No one has paranormal sensitivities.

  3. *Shrugs*
    There’s a a number of reasonable explainations, but I’d have to say MAYBE it’s that you’re psychic.
    Don’t worry, I am not the kind of person to jump at the most random things like this and claim a bunch of nonsense bullsh*t. I just have a very open mind and think that it’s possible that some people are psychic. In fact, everyone might have a little in them, maybe just not enough to use to show.
    I don’t think your crazy, but then again… I’m a little crazy myself so to a “normal” person you might be…
    Good luck with your confusion!

  4. It’s just coincidence. There must be dozens of times when you had similar feelings or predictions, but nothing happened? You probably can’t remember them easily, because you’ve no reason to remember them. It’s the big, dramatic coincidences that stick in your mind afterwards.
    Not-quite-seeing people sounds pretty scary, though, and unrelated. If they’re always in the same places, there might be something mundane about those places that gives you a strange feeling, or causes a hallucination. (There’s an interesting case on Wikipedia of a guy hallucinating a ghostly shape in his office, because of an extractor fan vibrating the air at a particular frequency: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infrasound#The_Ghost_in_the_Machine)


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