Cloth grocery bags- how do you feel when you use them?





Do you feel good because you’re being environmentally friendly? Or do you feel self-conscious because ppl around you may think you’re a granola-crunching, tree-hugging hippie?


  1. I feel good about it. Occasionally other shoppers ask me where I got my bags because they want to use them too. My bags are the size of brown paper bags but made of pretty fabrics.

  2. I’ve done this, it gets some funny looks, but it’s all a matter of “do I really care what these strangers think of me?”
    The store gave it to me for attending a special event, it’s designed to look just like the brown paper bags so it’s not horribly noticible.
    It probably helps that I am a tree-hugger (so what?) but it’s really economically beneficial to all parties to do this!
    The way I see it, everyone should swallow their pride, get over their self consciousness (in the presence of strangers who will never see you again, no less!) and do something practical.

  3. I sooooooo feel self-conscious because ppl around you may think I’m a granola-crunching, tree-hugging hippie! 🙂
    But I still try to do it at least sometimes…

  4. Hahahahaha a granola-crunchin, tree-huggin hippie.. where have I heard that before. You dont understand how hard that made me laugh..
    I was actually thinking before reading the rest fo the question that I would feel like a hippie

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