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Clearing out negative energy?

Pious Christians please skip this question, along with anyone else that has nothing but rudeness to contribute. Other non-spiritual people please spare me. Thank you, and bless you. Cool?
I am a Buddhist, you will not change me.
My former partner was perhaps the most verbally abusive woman I have ever met. She then had a hysterectomy and turned into a ‘dictator’. Thankfully she is now out of my life, and out of my house. My new girlfriend is very spiritual. She can feel the negative energy that remained in my home. She can even tell what room my former partner spent most of her time in. It is almost as though my new girlfriend can hear the echo’s of the verbal abuse, and all the times I had to call the police to my house.
I have sprayed ionized water mixed with lavender scented oils into the ventilation system, carpets, my bed and everything. I also vacuumed the whole house, then put the old broom, and eight year old vacuum out at the end of my driveway (someone has already taken them). I purchased a new one, and a new broom.
It smells so good now, and feels very positive.
My new girlfriend said I should burn some lavender and let the smoke flow though the house with the windows open. Have you ever done this? What do you think?


  1. Hi there, I’m a totally non-spiritual person.
    The ‘negative energy’ your current girlfriend is sensing is most likely being caused by your behaviors which have been affected by your previous partner, or the fact that you’ve already told her about your ex-partner.
    Burn all the lavender you like; it smells nice, but it isn’t going to scare away evil spirits.

  2. I am Buddhist and Wiccan.
    I find smudging with sage to be the absolute best way to cleanse an area (room, house, whatever) of negative energies of all sorts. Smudge sticks can generally be purchased at any “new age” book store or spritual/magickal supply store.
    Chanting while smudging can also be very helpful in adding to the strength of the smudging. The chant can be anything that speaks to you of clearing out the old energies it does not have to be formal or fancy. i.e. You could simply repeat something like “May all negative energies and residual echoes of violence be gone from this place.” as you smudge.

  3. I have always liked using a black candle as a symbol of negativity and burning it completely to “use up” all the negative energy in a room/area. You can dress the candle with lavender oil if you feel that it helps.

  4. Burn some sage, have the smoke sweep over you, after you do that walk through your house and have the smoke go through the house. while you still have the sage burning sit and meditate for awhile.
    when all this is done place an clear crystal or rosemary by your door.


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