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Clairvoyance Question?

Do you have to be gifted with clairvoyance or can you obtain the talent through classes, teachings, books ect.?
Also, if I were to look for a book/author on how to learn telekinesis, what or who would I look for?
Please no skeptics, I’ve had enough being lectured today. Thanks to the people who will help in advance!
Best Wishes!
It’s not devil worship or has anything to do with the devil. It’s your third eye and the spiritual plane.

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  1. Everybody has the gift. Yet few use it. Go to the library and get yerself lots of reading material. Also join a psychic circle.

  2. You are headed for a heap trouble. I don’t mean to preach at you, but I am concerned for your well being. Such practices will put you into contact with Satan and his fallen angels who were cast out of Heaven by God for their wickedness. Opening yourself up to them will leave you in a very dangerous situation where anything can happen to you, even death. God specifically condemned such practices and withdrew His protection from King Saul of Israel when he tried to have a “witch” conjure up the spirit of the dead prophet Samuel. God allowed it only to show Saul how wrong it was for him to do it. He later was wounded in a battle and committed suicide so the enemy couldn’t capture him. We are never to try to talk to the dead because they really can’t answer us. It is always a demon or Satan himself making you think you are talking to the departed person. Those who have passed on cannot communicate to us, just as the ghosts we hear about also are demons impersonating the “lost spirit” of the departed one. Watch out or you will become a victim of their evil.

  3. I once learned in a psychology class that humans only use 20% of their brain. Phychics tend to use more than that. This is why they say psychics can tap into other things surrounding them. Some can actually see things, some hear things, some just sense them but either way it is because they tend to use more of their brain power than the average human being. Check out some books on using your brain, read some psychic books, gain knowledge on all of it. You might surprise yourself and begin to “see”, “feel” or “think” some things. If not then at least you have the knowledge of it. Try this site: http://www.psychicselfdiscovery.com/

  4. Clairvoyance which is also known as the ‘Sixth Sense’ is the ability to see beyond the visible world and distant or hidden objects. Persons possessing this ability can see the events before they actually take place. Such persons are able to see discarnate spirits and auras and can also communicate with spirits.
    Some people believe that most children are born with clairvoyant ability but they gradually lose it as they grow up getting trained in acceptable norms to be normal members of society.
    Another school of thought holds that clairvoyant abilities can be developed by spiritual practice and disciplining the inner self. As the person reaches higher spiritual level with regular practice, he/she can perceive and experience the ‘subtle world’ to a greater degree and thus attain clairvoyance,
    If you are interested in learning this ability, you can visit the web-site of Wikipedia and follow the links therein or join the society of Rosicrucians in San Jose, California after visiting their web-site:
    As for information and guidance on telekinesis, you can get enough data by logging on to:
    Best of luck!


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