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clairvoyance evil?

if clairvoyance can be a natural ability/gift then why do you consider it evil? what proof is there? as i believe in clairvoyance and i also like to help people emotionally and physically and also have a belief in guardian angels so why does this make me a “bad” person and why would god not except this.
mandie, thanks for pointing that out but that was not the question
zoe k, i agree with you totally and that woman should be ashamed of herself, i dont do readings or anything like that i just believe in things that i have experienced personally.
oldpepy, thank you, that is a great attitude to have, why should i be frowned upon because of what i believe as i dont frown upon anybody who has different beliefs to me as i have an open heart and mind and who am i to judge.
marky, why would you call me deluded when i believe in something which i have experienced first hand, when you believe in god your believing in something you have only read in a book but i dont call you deluded as this is your choice and your belief and you have the right to that, i would not judge you.


  1. Becuase either you are deluded or a fraudster.
    If you are convinced it is true, please tell me why don;t you take up James Randi’s offer of $1,000,000 to anyone who can prove it and donate the money to a children’s charity?
    I call religious people deluded too. Please, if you want my respect on the subject, answer my question about James Randi?

  2. People will fear it, people will judge it, people will scoff at it…there is nothing you can do about that…

  3. I dont think you are evil, but I do have a problem with con artists that cold read and then charge money from vunerable people – like the woman ‘clairvoyant’ that contacted my family a week after my gran died and told them she could make contact .. for £30 each person, each session (oh and by the way, the dead person usually comes through after three or four sessions).
    Turns out she was also asking around friends to get more details about my gran and the family in secret “so she could help get through to her”
    I told my family to send her packing as soon as I found out she’d called.

  4. It depends on what you place your faith and beliefs in: yourself, science, mankind or God. And whether or not you believe the Bible.
    The Bible tells us that such “gifts” are given by demons. A perfect example is Acts 16:12, 16-24. It tells of a woman who brought her masters great gain by her gifts of divination. But the apostles rebuked the demons who gave her that power and when they left, she was no longer able to make predictions.
    The Bible also tells us at 1 Cor. 10:21, 22: “YOU cannot be drinking the cup of Jehovah and the cup of demons; YOU cannot be partaking of “the table of Jehovah” and the table of demons. 22 Or “are we inciting Jehovah to jealousy”? We are not stronger than he is, are we?”
    We have to place our total trust in God. We can’t have it both ways.
    Hope this helps.

  5. …the word clairvoyance refers to relying on the moon in some way – so its not depending on God and His kingdom then… Christians get words of knowledge and wisdom and revelations from God and perhaps His angels rather than depending on the moon… Do you think the moon is alive to talk to you?

  6. It’s a way of saying they are the only people on intimate valid terms with their concept of god, it’s all about power over the people!
    You are not a bad person & just need to ignore the bigots of religion who are afraid of your freedom!
    Best wishes to you…

  7. I don`t think its evil. Everyone is clairvoyant, it just depends if you can use it or not. I am and so are my family both clairvoyant.

  8. I think its evil …. you are only prolonging a persons sadness over the death of a loved one…..everybody dies…people that are left behind must go on ….time is the healer but not if charlatans continue to remind and refresh memories..

  9. I do not believe that any natural ability is inherently EVIL it is just the way a person uses the ability that determines weather it is good or bad. EXAMPLE: To sing like Pavarotti is good to sing like Roseanne Bar is BAD! Peace&Love be with you…~M~

    • NOBODY who would engage in it truly thinks it’s evil, or they would never do it because of the repercussions. But nobody would worship Satan either, if they had any realistic idea of what he truly is and how horrible that is. They thinj he’ll be their buddy in hell or something, rather than torture them. They do so, because Satan fools people. Nobody would do any of his work if he didnt make it appear good. That’s why you don’t think Clairvoyance is evil, when God said those who practice it are an abomination.

    • It’s not a natural ability. It only infests one through absence of God. It’s not a Good thing to have Clairvoyance. It’s extremely bad to have! It means you have the Curse of having some slight superior knowledge for 50 or 60 years and then you’re damned and tortured in return for 1000000000000000000 years

  10. Hi Karen
    We all have the gift of clairvoyance, its just that so many people block it out because it scares them, or they are scared of the church.
    If those religions/beliefs who state that talking to spirit is evil, and against their teachings would only ask themselves who they are praying to if not a spirit then what are they doing ?
    Not only do they pray, but they do not wait to see if there is an answer to those prayers, they just waffle on to the next prayer.
    Clairvoyance can be misused, but usually those that do attempt to pervert it will lose any ability, and then will start to invent stuff, which is sad.

    • God is not a spirit in the same sense that we use the term for everything else. We’re praying to the Creator of all, who was never born and is nothing near the level of anything else. We ,as Christians, refuse to open our minds to Clairvoyance and necromancy etc(it’s definitely real, but we don’t want it for a split second of this life, to trade damnation for eternity) because He told us the only way crap like Clairvoyance happens is through Satan. The only way anyone could be Clairvoyant is by not having God in their lives, because to do so is to be an “abomination” to Him and ignore His will, and so giving up God is the only way to get the devil’s power, for a short time on this earth….


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