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clairaudience…what have been your experiences?

i am wondering what people’s experiences with this has been. how freaky it was for you the first time and how you handled the stesses that came with it?
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  1. I have known when the phone will ring, yes.
    I also know when my girlfriend is about to squeal. This is freakier if you ask me.

  2. I made the call. An elderly sounding gentleman politely answered, “Hello.”
    I replied, “I am calling in response to your ad.”
    “Yes. Do you want a demonstration in clairaudience?” he said.
    “Yes,” I said enthusiastically although I was suspicious and waiting for the catch, but there was to be no gimmick.
    The gentleman continued, “Write down ten questions which can be answered by yes or no, questions which you know the answers to. Write the correct answer down after each question. Then call me back when you have finished.”
    “What kind of questions?” I asked.
    “Anything, just simple things such as, is the sky blue? Write your questions now and call me back.”
    I got some typing paper and wrote out my ten questions. They are listed below.
    1. Is today Saturday?
    2. Am I married?
    3. Do I have a daughter?
    4. Am I employed?
    5. Did I have lunch yet?
    6. Do I live near my employer?
    7. Do I live in an apartment?
    8. Am I in good health?
    9. Is it raining?
    10. Do I plan on going to the beach tomorrow?
    I thought I would try to fool the gentleman by having all questions answered by “yes” with only one “no.” I wanted to make him doubt himself and maybe make an error. I then called him back.
    “Hello,” he answered as before.
    “Hi, I just spoke with you about fifteen minutes ago. You told me to write down ten questions.”
    “Yes,” he said. “Do you have all ten of your questions and answers written down?”
    “Yes I have.”
    “Okay,” the gentleman responded. “Just give me a few seconds.” After about five seconds he continued, “Now read each question and answer mentally. Go through all of them quickly without stopping,” he instructed.
    I did as he requested.
    As I completed my mental reading of each question and answer, he replied forcefully, confidentally and without hesitation, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! No! Yes!”
    I was pleasantly amused. I did not fool him This guy is for real, I thought. “So, now what,” I said wondering if there was anything more.
    “I am not a fortuneteller. I cannot answer your questions. These are your answers,” he explained. I just use this format for demonstration.”
    “Where do we go from here?” I asked.
    “Nowhere,” he patiently replied.
    “How do you do it?”
    “I have clairaudience. I tell you what I hear. I do not see your written questions. I hear your thoughts as you mentally read your questions and think of the answers,” he stated matter-of-factly.
    He told me that he often provided demonstrations of his clairaudience ability to students and faculty to expand their limited thinking. He wanted people to know that there are unknown regions of the mind that can be tapped and utilized.
    I thanked him for his demonstration and we both said our goodbyes. I reviewed all aspects of this demonstration. I never gave him my name, he never gave me his. Neither of us could have known where the other one lived. The most I knew was that his telephone number was in the San Francisco area. Caller ID was not available in 1970; he could not know from where I called. He said, “I tell you what I hear.”
    He used his supernatural powers of hearing. He had to have been listening to my thoughts as I mentally read my questions and answers one after another.
    He was no phony. He had the ability of clairaudience. What I find amazing is that he was able to tune into me with no apparent connection between us other than a telephone. Did my thoughts travel over the telephone wires? Apparently, all he needed was to have his attention on me, regardless of who or where I was. Although I have heard and read about people with clairaudience, it was nice to have had a demonstration for my personal verification.

  3. my first experience of clairaudience i heard my ex partners thoughts. we were in a slight tiff and as i walked away she said “yeah that’s right you walk away” it got me reeally angry and when i confrontedher about it there wer witnesses to confirm she hadnt spoken a word.
    i freaked out because of how much that made me angry but dropped it.
    i had a sort of starting point not long ago of my ‘hearing’ one night as i lay in bed i heard anoutside sound. The sound of a windchime,it continued ringing and formedthe sound of a church bell and last was the sound of y guitar quietly ringing. Since this night i have heard whispering,talking. My guides speaking about me,spirit talking with one another as though i’m not there.
    I can hear them literally judt doing their own thing.
    I will be practicing this skill alot until i have succeeded in developing it fully.
    The night i heard the windchimes etc i wasnt worried at all. Infact i sat up in my bed and said “That was awesome!” and i heard someone laugh.


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