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Clairaudience or something else?

Here’s my experience, a couple of months ago I was thinking of a story idea and dialouge started come to my mind. One of the ideas was of a gay guy who comes to the main character who works at a store. He begins to tell his co-worker that he thinks his boyfriend is crazy because he’s seen the Jersey Devil.
I thought that this was not a good idea for a story, because I couldn’t do anything with it. So I threw the strange conversation out of my mind and dismissed it.
Now mind you this happened in my head. MONTHS LATER, I’m at Forever 21 and the SAME EXACT convo goes on right in front of my eyes as the girl is ringing my stuff up. It’s NOT deja vu, because I know this actually happened in my mind months ago.
What the heck happend?

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  1. Something like that happened to me too. It freaked me out at first, but as time went by and the more I researched and asked questions about it I felt better about things. I got many answers, some clinical and some spiritual depending on who I asked. Sometimes I know what other people are thinking, I usually just ignore it.
    Clairaudience sounds good to me! Funny when you’re being creative, maybe you’re actually creating someone else’s life, like that movie Will Ferrel was in “better than fiction” or something like that title. It was interesting.
    Maybe your future-self sent your-past self a message via time warped hologram about this conversation.
    Maybe this universe repeats itself during its life span, and we do everything all over again, over and over (like groundhog day) and there was a glitch in your mind that made you remember, after all this time. But it’s all relative, huh?
    Who really knows. But it’s fun to think about.

  2. It sounds as if you heard the discourse, and you sent the conversation back in time to yourself.
    That was a cool experience. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Sounds like you tapped into an astral portal, a time wave per se. Your astral body probably went out for a walk and crossed paths into the future, heard the conversation and then you came back into real time. I have investigated several incidences like this in my paranormal work and studies. Your psychic senses are also probably trying to synche themselves with you. You should def look at this as a blessing and investigate further… I would write down any significant dreams you have and pay attention to things going on around you, especially via your hearing. Perhaps you have denied this gift in the past and now something is tyrying to tell you that you cannot ignore it any longer… fear it not, embrace it! Good luck!


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