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Clairalience – smell of smoke when there is none?

Sometimes i smell cigarrete smoke very strongly but no ever smokes cigarrettes in our house, i think it might be involved with the paranormal? I know my grandfather was a big smoker but he has passed away… maybe its him?
Its not my neighbors becuase in the place i live in everyone is very spaced out, and i only live with my mom and she doesnt go out any where and HATES smoking so its not her. I also dont want to catch the thing since it hasnt done any harm?
I think that hallucinations is a much more likely possibility i’d appreciate it if you woulod give me more info about it
Its not just in the house, sometimes it follows me to school and random other places where i KNOW no one is smoking

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  1. I an sure it is paranormal. I smell the same thing. I don’t smoke and the old man who lived here before me didn’t smoke. I know my neighbors on both sides of me as well as across the hall and upstairs and downstairs. no one smokes yet I smell it strong. I have no idea who it could be.

  2. There are lots of other ways that smell could get in the house. Someone outside smoking, someone’s clothing after going to a bar, someone lying about their smoking habit. No need to resort to the paranormal, since that’s never been shown to exist – but it has been shown many times that people lie about smoking or going to bars.

  3. This is clearly a serious paranormal event. A demon beast called a Smoaktite is hopping around on your frontal lobe and the only way to kill it is to drive a railroad spike through your frontal lobe.

  4. what makes you think smell is paranormal. Do you have siblings or children? Perhaps one of them is secretly smoking cigarettes. Also, your mind can produce hallucinations of smells as much as it can produce hallucinations of visual and audio. Make sure you dont have any sleeping disorders or anything first.

  5. It could be coming from someone walking past or one of your neighbors smoking.
    Or maybe it is another sort of smokey smell and you are mistaking it for being cigarettes, someone burning trash, or a really bad cook.
    There is no reason to think that dead people hang around in your house smoking cigarettes.
    Some people experience grief hallucination if a loved one has recently passed, his he die recently?
    Can your Mom smell the smoke too, or just you?
    Max can I suggest that you ask in the medical sction here or better still some other health forum if you can find one.
    If your problem is not paranormal (and there’s no reason to think that it should be) you’re most likely not going to get a good answer here.

  6. could be him. hard to tell just by that smell alone, but that’s very normal for spirit contact, to smell something you associate with someone you loved. when my grandfather comes, he comes with the smell of coffee (so my mother tells me, we drink coffee in our house, she and her husband don’t), and my father, the first time I felt him around me, he came with the smell of boiled hotdogs. Hotdogs and snickers bars were his things, he died of a bad heart cause he just loved them hotdogs too much, so when I smelled it, I had to laugh. And we hadn’t eaten hot dogs in our house in weeks.

  7. This has happen to me too, when my mother in law died, and I was going through a divorce. I was home alone, three different times usually around 2am I would wake of to the smell of cigarettes, that after smell, like when I use to smell it on her. And one of them three times I believe her spirit was either in or near the TV that I left on because I never saw a TV do that, the screen was going weird in every direction and color.
    Spirits will allow you to know that they are there by attaching themselves to one of your senses like smell.
    I have seen or felt their presence all my life, even communicated many times.
    Most likely it’s your grandfather checking in on you, I have this happen to me a lot, I have woke many times to see them.

  8. If the previous owners of your home were smokers that could explain it. Cigarette smoke gets into wood and can smell very strong if say..the sun were shining in heating it up a bit.

  9. it is probably more than likely a sinus infection, or allergies.. google ” smell cigarette smoke when there is none”… I suffer from this also… Try a netty pot to rinse your nose…


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