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Christopher Hill spiritual guru and founder of The University of trees proposed an equation for it all.?

Hills was an internationally renowned Master of consciousness, scientist and Yogi
Background light radiation of the stars, (Akasha) space, kundalini and consciousness are one and the same at different frequencies of vibration. His equation brings light to the process of absorption of cosmic light through the rainbow colors and the return back to the lumen of consciousness and is summed up in the symbolic equation of:
Can anyone out there give clarity in brief? It entails so much of the understanding of the mind, science, nature, light, the chakra system and on and on…I know not where to begin.
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  1. NUX
    The word NUX is Latin for seed or kernel. The NUX is the word used to represent the core of our being. It is the ground of our being just as the silence is the ground from which all vibrations of sound arise. The bases of the field of consciousness or the Nux are like a clam surface of an ocean unadulterated by objects, thoughts images, or sensations. Any disturbance or vibrations in or through it make waves. These waves are the vibrations of all objects in the universe around us. Everything we perceive is a disturbance in the Nux. When we absorb light from the cosmic radiation we are taking into our bodies the vibrating energy by the activity of atoms oscillating at tremendous intensities and the heat of supernovas. The reason we do not feel this is because there is no difference between the black light of the universe and the Nux or inner core of radiance.
    Lumen is one of the Latin words for light. This invisible lumen, invisible like our consciousness is, is the radiation which passes through space without changing its wave-like character until it it is absorbed or reflected by an object.
    Lux is another Latin name for light meaning internal light inside our minds. The Lumen received through the eyes activates the nerves and cells within our brains as the brightness of lux. This is the psychic light created by our consciousness when disturbed by the Lumen which is seen as internal lux.
    The word flux comes from the Latin word meaning flow change or fluctuation. The more absorption of lumen the more intense is the flux threshold and the ability to increase the heat of internal lux until it changes into light radiation of consciousness.
    NUX * nucleus for absorption + LUX * kundalini internal light heat = FLUX * flow of change. FLUX — LUX = LUMEN * external radiance light of the cosmos.
    The absorption of light creates fire and fire in turn creates light. They are also one and the same. Whatever the structural form of water it is still H/2/O whether liquid, solid or gaseous, the only variant being the temperature.
    As you have said it is a complicated subject with much to be understood so I will leave it to others to fill in the blanks.

  2. Radiant light, Akasha, is not a manifested energy and only exist in space as a potential energy until it hits a lower aspect of its own reality, called matter. Matter is crystallized light. Passing through a prism white light reveals sunlight is made up of the seven primary colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Different substances of matter have different coefficients of absorption dependent on their chemical and electrical structures that absorb certain wavelengths of light and reflect others. The heat of light through different substances varies creating the flux necessary for change. In every human being consciousness octaves of vibration are infinite and separate lumen into the seven different levels of awareness that are bright or dark lux depending on purity of selflessness.
    From the cosmic light qualities (gunas and their imbalance) we gain the power, through the light of consciousness and with the disturbance in the nux, to recreate sensation as vibrations in creating the visual experience of the world around us. The perfect equilibrium of the three qualities is the climax of kundalini in the charkas by which consciousness is raised to a higher vibration. (The next octave) When the highest vibration of any octave of experience is attained it is the birth of new potential; the low point of the next octave which has yet to unfold.
    Transcribed by gd follower


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