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Christmas was originally a pagan holiday, is it true that Halloween was originally a christian holiday?

I heard somewhere that Christmas and Halloween basically switched places. Christmas was originally a pagan holiday and Halloween was originally a christian holiday. Is there any truth to this? What were the original holidays, their meanings and why the switch?
I’m having difficulty deciding this one, so i’m putting it to a vote. I hope the best answer is picked and not just the top one, voted for 1,000 times by people getting their 1 point.


  1. Halloween comes for all hallows eve the night before all saints day and yes that was a christian or at least catholic day. as for Christmas I do not know about its pagan roots maybe to do with the winter solstice but now we remember the birth of Jesus then.

  2. No, they were both pagan holidays.
    I feel the need to elaborate.
    We celebrate the birth of Jesus during a time when it used to be a celebration of the Sun God. This is why there are twelve days of Christmas.( It takes twelve days for the sun to make a complete turn around the earth).
    Then some where in time these holidays were turned into commercialized events and spectacles
    Halloween began as a cold dark time of winter on November 1st and felt than on the night before Oct 31st, the line between the dead and living was blurred and spirits were able to cause havoc on crops and cattle.

  3. Before Christianity came along, all holidays were originally “Pagan” (for lack of a better word). Primarilay, these holidays were based on lunar cycles, the soltices, and the equinoxes. The word “holiday” is actually a combination of two words… Holy Day. These days, our holidays are a long way from “Holy”, they are now geared towards capitalism… purchasing etc. There is nothing holy about Black Friday for example. And Christmas lately has more to do with higher sales results and six figure executive bonuses.

  4. I’ll go with the Christmas explanation of the sun god, but Halloween was Samhain for the ancient Celts, before the Romans, and before Christianity. We can blame the Roman empire for their great technique of conquering other cultures by assimilating the local religion and its holidays with the current Roman ones, even Easter was originally something else. And almost all cultures have a creation story that involves the first man being made of dirt, clay, or even snot. It is really kind of cool when you think about how all these different cultures have similarities as humans….

  5. Christmas is originally a Christian holiday. But it’s based on the Pagan holiday, Yule. And Halloween is actually Samhain, a Pagan holiday. Christmas (Yule), Easter (Ostara), and many other “Christian” holidays, are based on Pagan holidays. They’re really kind-of cheap knock-offs :P.


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