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Christians,is it ok to use marijuana and psychodelics for spiritual enlightenment?

Seems like if these substances like magic mushrooms and good weed or hash can help you get in touch with the holy spirit, then a person should be able to use them legally:That’s if a person uses them in moderation only for spiritual enlightenment. WHy not?


  1. Because your mom will find them in your room.
    If this happens, tell her they are not yours, you are holding them for a friend.
    That will work.

  2. no no no you must know by now the only fun you are allowed by the church is molestering young boys , how dare you talk about illicit and illegal drugs ( unless your using them to drug the young fellows )

  3. Revelation 9:20-21 and Revelation 18:23, tells us mind-altering drug use, as experience by those who smoke weed or use other drugs, will lead to destruction and punishment for those who will not repent.
    There is also another verse which I cannot remember the exact verse right now but it says that nothing mind altering or anything which will not allow you to think clearly should be used and is against God’s will.
    In the Bible it says that man must follow what the government or authority figures say as well. It is illegal to use these substances and by using them you are not abiding by the law; therefore, you are not following God’s law. Though marijuana is on its way to being legalized, in the Bible Paul the Apostle says that though something is lawful, it is not always in our best interest. So even if in the future these drugs are legalized (like in Mexico) they are still not prudent.
    Christians have been “getting in touch with” the Holy Spirit through methods such as prayer, fasting, and reading the Bible. God speaks to you in many ways and using drugs, no matter what your excuse might be, is pleasing to satan not God.
    This all sounds so serious. It is not as if you have smoked weed or done drugs before you are going to hell. God knows that in the long run it will hurt you as a person so he does not want you to experiment with that stuff. I used to be a habitual weed smoker and that is when I realized that I was farthest from God. It will not help, just hinder.

  4. Marijuana was created by God for the benefit of animals who are injured and in pain who have no other way to get relief. God gave each of us a good brain which we should keep clean and healthy which if used properly will find other sources of relief. To get in touch with the Holy Spirit all you have to do is go within which is where it lives. The Holy Spirit has always been within us, and will never leave us. Not hard to find if your really serious. Mushrooms, weed, hash and all that other poison just destroys your brain cells, takes over your life and makes you lose all reason. Look at the statistics.

  5. Christian literally means “one who is anointed with holy anointing oil”. So what is this holy anointing oil? Well according to Wikipedia it is made from:
    6kg of myrrh
    3kg of cinnamon
    6k of cassia
    4-7L of olive oil
    3kg of cannabis
    Christ was anointed with this holy oil, and he anointed his disciples, telling them to go forth and anoint others, as this oil had miraculous healing powers and would cure skin diseases, eye diseases, and even heal the crippled.
    I think you’re in the good.


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