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Christians, would you still consider magick evil if…?

Would you still consider magick evil if it brought someone to god? For example, perhaps someone is interested in learning about magick and during their search for information or even possible use of it, they discover Jesus. But this would not have happened if they hadn’t started down the path of magick. Would you still consider it evil then?
Personally I do not consider magick evil, but what you do with it. But I am interested to know what the christians out there think?


  1. I would have to say then it wasn’t magick that brought that person to God and Christ, but their own yearning for the Truth and the call of God’s voice. The starting point of a journey is not as important as the path nor even the destination.

  2. Yes. God can and very often does bring good out of evil, as wisdom can be the result of foolish decisions. But it does not make the evil good.

  3. Depends. If the magic comes from GOD’s power, it’s good. If it comes from SATAN it’s bad. I feel your pain; I’ve been down that path before (LOTS of confusion, obsession, secrets, etc.) But if you really want to know, just pray that you will know for sure.


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