Christians: Why don't you give up on evolution and start focussing on subjective consciousness?

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Why don’t you give up on evolution and start focussing on subjective consciousness (which science can likely never explain)?

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or life on other planets….


Give up on a theory.I take them with a grain of salt.


fundamentalism: basically the idea is that if you never admit you’re factually wrong in any way, and always claim the moral high ground, you always win!


First its Evolution then its subjective consciousness,then its…… what will be next?
The Word of God is the true Christians hand book into heaven…….how can anything else get us there? Its foolhardy to even try!


I’d like to believe Intelligent Design and Evolution go hand in hand. Albeit macro-evolution still holds no validity, but I can see how micro-evolution was created by God.

Matt D

Good idea, since science cant prove evolution either.

Kathy F

careful….many christians accept evolution with no problem. I’m one of them. Its a stupid and pointless debate anyway. Has nothing to do with salvation.
Some Christians seem to imagine that there is a group of evil scientists, who get together and discuss new and improved ways of creating evil theories to twart God. So probably not. In fact some Creationists, like Gary Parker, claim that you cannot be a Christian and accept science. Its one or the other. (I read his book , It Just Didn’t Happen,in 7th grade and actually wrote him about it. How sad is it when a 7th grader could point out where his reasoning and scientific facts were faulty? )
They won’t give up. Because they see it as a fight against the “evil scientists.”
Not all of them are like this. My best friend is a Creationist, but she isn’t dogmatic about it and doesn’t think scientists are evil. She is a very smart girl. Its just that some do.


Is there any situation in your life, so fraught with misunderstanding on both sides?

that it would take an examination of the Akashic Record to untangle it?

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