Christians, what type of Astrology was used in the bible?

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what type of Astrology was used in the bible? to clear this up; it’s ok to study the stars, it becomes a sin when the stars start taking over your life.
Babylonians and Assyrians, who were the chief exponents of astrology in antiquity. the Magi were from Babylon.

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the chosen one

I don’t think any kind of astrology was used in the Bible because it’s practice was prohibited by God.


The Three Wise Men studied astrology and that was how they found Jesus.


It was a mixture of astrology and astronomy
–They did have science


While the Jews certainly practiced a form of astrology, all you see in the Bible are vague references to the signs of the Zodiac. I can’t think of any overt references to the practice of astrology in the Bible. The closest thing would probably be the Magi, but there is no explicit evidence that they were astrologers, or that astrology is what led them to Bethlehem.


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