Home Discussion Forum Christians: what is your opinion on sleep paralysis?

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Christians: what is your opinion on sleep paralysis?


  1. i have experienced this. especially when i “sleep in” I feel that it may be over sleeping or bad sleeping habits.
    it may be a sign of being powerless without God.
    it may also be representative of a sin weighing you down.

  2. It is another way the world tries to explain away demonic encounters because they know they are powerless against demons.
    They just call demons something else, give the person a few drugs and hopes the problem goes away.

  3. It’s a natural phenomenon used by the body to make sure you don’t go walking around when you’re asleep. “Sleep Walking” is when this fails to work and you go walking around the neighborhood.

  4. I’ve never experienced it but live with someone who has and they deem it to evil. Like the witch riding your back or whatever. But when it happened to him he saw a beautiful woman he wanted to call it an angel which is fine because angels can be good or evil and the evil ones because they are evil does not mean they are ugly. But he couldn’t move and one time he couldn’t speak. The thing was on him holding him down or something in the dream and when he woke up he couldn’t move. But he came out of it. Went back to sleep and it happened all over again.

  5. This started happening to me when I was about your age or maybe a few years younger than you. As I started to seek God more and learn of my spiritual gifts, it stopped. I did the same thing that you did and that is call on the name of Jesus. No other help we know! I don’t want to make this answer lengthy, but in my opinion it is not sleep paralysis. In my case, I know that it wasn’t because I could hear everything that was going on around me.


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