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christians: What is it about the Occult that keeps you so dedicated to it?

Is it the fascination with supernatural powers and beings that keeps you drawn to it? Is it the unknown that keeps you dedicated to the Occult world of christianity? What is it exactly?


  1. It’s the sexy and powerful magiks!
    The magical thinking to the sky daddy (i.e. prayer).
    The stylized rituals to show the sky daddy how special and fancy we have become in HIS sexy and powerful magiks!
    Now accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior or ROT IN HELL FOREVER!

  2. It’s the Bible, that keeps them drawn to it.
    Get a copy and read it, you can learn about the Occult, and you may find it interesting.

  3. The feeling of the spirit, the blessings received, the atonement of Christ, the covenants made, the family and friends along the journey.

  4. The pitcher hangs a fastball over the outside corner of the plate. The batter swings! and misses
    nice try sparky

  5. Occult world of Christianity?
    I think some clarification will be needed here.
    — QUOTE —
    “The word occult comes from the Latin word occultus (clandestine, hidden, secret), referring to “knowledge of the hidden”
    — END QUOTE —
    What’s secret/hidden about Christianity? Considering how many times Paul taught that the “secret” was out of the bag – Christ crucified for our sins as God incarnate. Not such a big “secret” these days.

  6. Atheists: What is it about the Occult (of money, power, the material life) that keeps you so dedicated to it.
    Is it the fascination with no supernatural powers and beings that keep you drawn to it, the fact that you may never ever have to ‘own up’ to what you do? Is it the unknown that keeps you dedicated to the Occult (of money, power, the material life) world of Atheisism? What exactly?

  7. what is funny to me is a lot of people who do not believe , do believe in fortune tellers and karma and magic , now is that not an oxymoron to what you just asked , also a lot of non believers support and are friends with satanists , simply because they don’t think that those people believe in God , quite the opposite , if they did not believe in god they would not be satanists

  8. Christians hate the occult, even though all religion is rightfully considered occult… just another example of their being hypocrites. ALL religion contains forms of magic and ritual.

  9. My church which often gets labeled cult is something I keep going to because I see how it teaches from the Bible. And IMO it does a better job than any other church. Don’t get me wrong I think awesome Christians are in all churches and hypocrites are also in all churches.
    What part of Christianity are you calling an occult?

  10. Occult? I think not. That’s you. You know there’s a war, and I know there’s a war, and I know we will win, and you know we will win, you just want to take as many of God’s children down with you as you possibly can. Oh, go away. The Earth and the world on it will be so much better when you all are locked up for the 1000 years.

  11. What makes you so misinformed? I would suggest a little more primary school to get brushed up on your reading skills. then re-read the bible.

  12. Whatever is stopping you from believeing, is probably why I won’t stop believing. We are set in our ways. Sorry, but it is true!
    By the way, I love the first guy’s answer. you have to choose him! 😉

  13. An obsession with negativity and a history of pain may keep some people addicted to certain negative cults, like those involving human sacrifices and a view of violence and pain as being positive or desirable. It is really just mental sickness.
    However, there are certain groups that religious people call “occult” simply because they are afraid of them, and judging the people inside of them. Maybe take naturalism as an example, because of which thousands of innocent and good-hearted women were burned at the stake during several religiously-motivated “witch hunts” throughout history.
    So people may love a destructive cult because they are neurotic (addicted to negativity). Or they may hate a benign “cult” because they are negative and judgemental themselves. But the religiously-motivated variety of judgment of the occult usually comes down to an obsession with being right and a habit of hating others who do not adhere to one’s own, possibly arbitrary, literal religious beliefs. It ultimately all comes down to a feeling of fear and alienation of others from oneself, and a false sense of ego and superiority.

  14. I dispute the term “occult”; many of us, including me, are not attached to any notion of dark, hidden secrets but rather to a particular way of understanding that sheds light on some aspects of our lives. We (not all Christians, but all those whose beliefs are at all similar to mine) are not attached to the unknown, but to a particular way of knowing.
    I make no claim to possess the whole truth; I readily acknowledge that I do not, and that there are probably errors in what I do believe. However, a long re-examination of my beliefs (twelve and a half years, so far) has left me still a Christian, because the Christian description of the universe and the place of a person within still expresses those concepts in ways I find more suitable than any others.
    I believe that we are imperfect, and that we are incapable of perfecting ourselves by our own efforts, and that we require intervention from a power beyond ourselves in order to become more nearly what we ought to be. The teachings attributed to Jesus of Nazareth and handed down as the gospel provide the best guidance I have seen to that process of bettering myself. There’s nothing occult about any of that.
    I stick to Christianity because it works for me: it makes me, more and more the longer I stick to it, the person I want to be. I don’t exclude the possibility that some other belief system might do the same, but I haven’t yet seen any alternative that did not seem to me inferior.

  15. First to answer your question . I would need from you , your definition of a Christian ? . Many people pervert Christianity and bring false definitions of the true believer . Many who call themselves Christians are in fact not and it shows by their fruits . And the fact that they never gave any real time to know Jesus Christ . The Word given to us from God tells us everything we need to know and then some . Therefore I would ask you also , since you seem to say by your own statement that you are all knowing and full of knowledge . Prove the Bible otherwise , we as true believers understand that we have nothing to prove . Because God has already done that and stands forever . So put your soul where your month is and show the world ! But you might want to be careful , for the millions that have come before you who said basically the same things , Bowed down to their True King and professed His Name Jesus Christ Our Savior …

  16. Well its not an occult. I am dedicated to my faith because of what it means to be a Christian. Love, honor, understanding, compassion, morals, values, selflessness, these are all things that are represented by my faith. Along with them are truth, and decency. It’s knowing that I serve a God of love. Without morals or values, this world would already be dead.

  17. http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/11197b.htm
    You scare me. How could you not know that Catholicism and virtually all Christian denominations consider anything occult as wrong.
    The theory and practice of invoking superhuman, but not divine, powers in order to obtain results that are beyond the capacity of mere nature. In this category belong, Satanism, fetishism, black and white magic, spiritism, theosophy, divination, and witchcraft.


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