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Christians, what do you think of the fact that Aleister Crowley proved the Holy Spirit would be female?

That is, if the holy spirit existed. (It doesnt) He proved it in Germatria
It is proven in ancient writings. It proves itself if you open your eyes and look


  1. Aleister Crowley was a lunatic, and I don’t think his random musings constitute proof of anything beyond that fact. Honestly, I would hazard to guess that the holy spirit is neither male nor female, but I don’t see what difference it makes in either case. And the holy spirit definitely does exist, thank you.

  2. The Holy Spirit is the angel Gabriel. Any other determination is made by the “blind and deaf” because they attempt to perceive the spiritual realm by finite limitations. You might want to read “Heaven’s Hierarchy” about the subject.
    If you would like to learn more, then you might want to visit Truth Seekers and Speakers, a very unique group with its post archives open to the public.

  3. what ancient writing are you referring to?Aleister Crowley was a whack job who fell out with a number of people who were prominent in the many sects he tried to become a part of. They knew he was nuts too.

  4. Aleister Crowley was insane and died an alcoholic in an empty room in Brighton. So much for the man who was thought to have ‘power’ over others, even his work The Beast 666 and the so-called revelations within it were fabricated, he was not given any information from Egyptian spirits as he claimed, the most it shows is his cruelty to his mistress.
    Learn your sources.

  5. In the Biblical languages gender principally indicates masculine authoritative and feminine submissive positions, rather than sex.
    So some might be tempted to apply this as indicating sex but that does not make it so.
    Proverbs chapter 8 highlights a role that belongs to Christ Jesus. Wisdom uses the feminine gender in that instance.
    Insofar as the Holy Spirit not existing, what if it simply does not exist as the third person of a trinity? What if it does not exist as a person at all? But what if it exists as a powerful and active force which emanates from God?
    Maybe Aleister Crowely did not cover all the bases. Maybe Aleister Crowely stopped short and threw the baby out with the bath water.

  6. I would love to open my eyes and look, could you please give me a link to something on the ‘ancient writings’ that the alcoholic lunatic Crowley was able to prove that until now I had heard nothing about. I am not a christian, but I find it hard to believe that anyone could prove the gender of the holy spirit much less that whack job.


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