Christians what do you think about when eating Jelly Beans and other Pagan Treats from your Easter Basket?

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Do you think that this is so wrong?
Or do you think that this Chocolate Pagan Bunny is sooooo goood!

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What Easter basket? We celebrate Resurrection Day!!


no its so good

Midnight Beauty

Well, as a Christian, I’m thinking….
“Milk Chocolate bunnies are awesome!” and “Yuck! Purple Jelly Beans are always so nasty!”

Karl P

lol. you’re silly, dude. No more different than eatin’ popcorn at the movies, dude. get a Real Clue? 😉


Theres’ none of that in the Holy Bible so True Christianity isn’t anything about that, only fake ones.


I love it
Pagan Treats…….
Im not Christian I just like this question, ha!

TRUTH Speaker

i don’t care what its name is, it is Good ….yum yum !!!
another pretending poser atheist Fail

Catholic and Proud of it

Jelly beans, I thought you get eggs and rabbits?
I eat jelly beans when my sugar level is low, what is Pagan about the easter bunny?


I usually don’t do jelly beans or chocolate. But I do let my son have some after Church.


I love jelly beans and chocolate.


What do I think about,putting on weight.


Suddenly chocolate and jelly beans are pagan foods? Wow I am in deep need of forgiveness, then.
Honestly, a little maturity couldn’t hurt.

Auntie Christ «stuporstar»

I hear they eat Pagans too…
I’m scared!

☮†brwnsugr †☮

I don’t, because they’re made from gelatin aka animal bone marrow. Yuck.

*Leaping Water*

Jelly beans are pagan!?!? you might have told me before this LOL :))


I didn’t realize candy had a religion.

Rossonero NorCal SFECU

Something similar to what pagans think when they celebrate all saints’ eve (oct. 31) I suppose.


The store that I buy candy from is not affiliated with pagan ritual beliefs.
Neither am I.
Jelly candies and chocolate is the same no matter what their shape.


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