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Christians what do you think about this?

The new age crap abt indigos and crystals . I think well i know now its a bunch of bull. Also what do u think of people who claim to see auras.


  1. When I was an atheist, I remember believing that new agers were more off their nut than the nuttiest fanatical Christian I had ever encountered.
    Now that I’m a Christian, I’m not sure how much that hindsight reflection will be believed, but all I have is my word: I thought them New agers were crazier than a meth-addict who hadn’t slept in a week.

  2. Jesus had an aura of white light around Him, what are you talking about. Okay, keep your mind closed, live in the dark ages, some of us are evolving…whatever makes you comfortable, who am I to interfere with God’s gift of free will.

  3. As a Roman Catholic I believe in auras..some people seem to manifest them visibly, but the perception of them is only for those with the gift of this kind of vision. Insofar as new age crystals and indigos go, no I do not believe in these. New age anything is a dangerous ideology in my opinion (forerunner to pagan Wicca), but to each their own I suppose. God bless.


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