I am a Christian and I like breathing relaxation/meditation techniques. I’ve read that some of the meditations can be spiritual bad, like you don’t know what you are opening yourself up to, but what I do is more like a simple relaxation technique. I just close my eyes and focus on my breathe. It seems to help to relax me and clear my mind of it’s random rambling. Just give me your opinion. Thank you.


  • Christians, what do you think about just simple breathing relaxation or breathing meditation?

    “Breathing meditation” or “New Age meditation” is not a form of worship or spiritual practice approved of by God within His Word. Such practices are tied to Eastern mysticism; such as Tai Chi and Yoga.

    “Christian meditation” as described to us within the Bible is something else entirely.

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  • I think it was Christ who said to love God with all your heart and mind, and so mediation is following Christ, because mediation is a practice to find God who is one with your soul.

    Your breath is both voluntary and involuntary, so you can cause yourself to breath or allow your body to breath on its own. So as you watch your breathing, you will sometimes let your body do the breathing, and it’s in that junction of your breath being in both states, that you enter the sleep state consciously, which is your consciousness transcending being a body. Don’t try to use effort to do anything. Let your mind go and relax.

  • I’m fine with it. I feel that claims of meditation being spiritually bad are ridiculous. Breathing exercises, chanting, centering prayer, contemplation and other practices are well-known for their beneficial qualities.

  • I think it’s fine. I do it while praying, you know what I mean? But if your just doing it to relax, then just start it off by protecting yourself by the name of Jesus, then nothing can harm you.

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