Christians, what do you feel about Aleister Crowley followers like myself?

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I am a devout follower of Crowley. I read Him daily and follow His word. I also practice black magic and sex magic. I believe Aleister Crowley is a genius and that everyone should “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” Christians have tried to brainwash people into thinking Crowley is evil when it they who are the true evil ones and repressed and brainwashed. I believe and know that Aleister’s word is the true word.
So, christians, what do you think of me for being a Crowley follower?

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The Path of Least Bloodshed

Sex magic. This I need to see.


I am not a Christian and I think this is more retarded than Islam.


I think that you’re on a very dangerous path if you truly believe that and I pray that you will see how wrong you are and repent before its too late.


I pray for you. Thats what I think. Who am I to judge you? the Bible says not to judge those outside of the church. So…I’ll pray for you the best way I can. Other than that, I’m sure you are probably a pretty down to earth person!
Rev. John Kelly DmM


I say have at it..Dont ask me to join bahaha!


what do i think of you being a follower of crowley ?
i care two hoots.
its your life … to do as you please.
you answer to God not to me.
the only thing i care about is to share the knowledge that Jesus Christ saves human souls.
whether or not people accept this message is … up to them. it’s called CHOICE.

Final Dexter

I hear the voice of a spirit that claims to be God.
I am not a Christian, though.
I feel sorry for you.
Remember, ‘understand’ is a nonsense word used by people who believe they comprehend.
Only God understands.


It does not make a lot of sense to ask one group of deluded people what they think about another group of deluded people. Hardly a recipe for a balanced answer.

Flying Fid

The trolls are doing more research, now it is the Great Beast? Dearie me.


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