Christians: What can any of you tell me about seeing Auras?

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I’ve been a Christian for many years. I hold firmly to the teachings of the Bible and believe that on issues where the Bible is silent we have the freedom to choose. My sister is also a Christian and she has recently been reading about and practicing seeing Auras. (I’ve tried it and I’m not good at it.) I’m a little bit uncomfortable with the whole thing, but I can’t put my finger on why. Do any of you know of scripture that supports or refutes the practice of reading Auras? It doesn’t seem to be a fortune telling or divination thing. (but I don’t know enough about it to say for sure) My sister even says that the reason the Catholic church depicts Jesus and saints with golden halos around their head is because religious leaders have yellow or purple Auras. Any thoughts are wecome and thanks in advance!

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All i know is they have proven we do emit light from our bodys


Catholicism is false, and should not be used as a source of truth for anything. Catholicism leads to hell, because catholicism teaches works for salvation, which is a false gospel (Galatians 1:6-9).
“Auras” don’t exist. They are a part of the “new age” movement, and that is why they should be avoided. The “new age” movement is demonic.


I would agree with you on the point that there is freedom to choose were the Bible is silent. Also, as I’ve never come across anything in the Bible concerning auras, I’d say you have the freedom to experiment with this. As the Apostle Paul said, test everything and hold onto what is good. If anything about learning to see auras proves to be contrary to the teaching and example of Christ then drop it; but if it proves to be an edifying spiritual practice then I see nothing wrong in pursuing it. It’s possible that seeing auras is a spiritual gift (some have it more naturally than others) rather than anything sorcerous or demonic. The only way you’ll know for certain is to continue researching with a critical mind (read: diligent use of reason and prayer, not negative “judgementalism”).
Best of luck to you!


Hi, I hope this response catches up with you, Good question, Yes I am a christian and i do see what the new age calls auras, and yes its all in the bible in lots of places, ezekiel ” and behold a firmament ( space) of blue above and around the throne” Elisha 2kings 6 knew all things about all people so did jesus ( the samaritan woman), and theres plenty more. Back to the beginning yes i see this stuff the best question is why? well if someone is a christian i see blue around them, if they have specific callings or gifts the anointed areas are stronger, and if there`s sickness the areas are a completely different colour. this makes prayer really easy i know what to pray for and what people are suposed to do for god. Its never been wrong and people have been healed and have recieved faith that a perfect stranger knows so much about them, 🙂 he is good he loves them. the short is that god cares for them hes supetrnatural and when people get touched by god in a supernatural way theyre changed forever. religion doesnt like it the gifts i mean but but its his way the gifts of the spirit. christians can see what are called auras but christians auras and other auras are different!, i know whiich Id rather see on everybody 🙂 j


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