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christians should not be interested in astrology?

– and how can a christian be released from a lifelong fascination with astrology?


  1. The Bible warns against astrology. I think it’s because then you’re looking somewhere else for answers instead of Jesus.
    If you want freedom from it, try praying or reading the Bible everytime you’re tempted. It’s worked for others.

  2. I don’t think it is wrong to look at astrology as “illusion”…it is fun to see what may be written about your “sign”….put it in perspective and move on with your day with a little chuckle…nothing wrong with that.

  3. I think it is because it would mean your future is determined, and Christians believe in free will and in the possibility of building your own future.
    Nevertheless, I am catholic and like reading the horoscope.

  4. Being interested in astrology could be okay as long as you think it is fun,but silly, and want the Lord to help you with your future, or if you mean like stars, that is completely okay, God created the stars and knows them by name!

  5. There is no need for the stars and constellations to be revered over their creator anymore than a painting is to be more famous than the painter. If the stars do control aspects of the lives of man, it is only through the will of God, and therefore it is God who should be consulted- not horoscopes.
    However, a fascintion with astrology is not prohibited by the bible, provided astrology not take the place of God. The stars are not to be prayed to or invoked in place of the one who created them.

  6. Jesus did not practice astrology.
    If someone wishes to free themselves of this practice, they must make a humongous effort over many years to refrain, until the refraining becomes a practice.
    Astrology is a form of demonism ….therefore we have good reason to make the effort.

  7. why shouldn’t christians believe in astrology. who is to say God isn’t inspiring the astrologist’s? Astrology can be a fun way to plan a day, it doesn’t generally lead people to do evil things so what the heck cut loose and live a little.

  8. See them both for the impostors of truth that they are. So many attempt were made to try turn me to believe in superstition (ie the accepting of a belief or event without evidence). I even for a while became a professional astrologer.
    What turned me away and into the path of the light. It was scepticism, philosophy and the study of truth. I, armed with these tools then examined astrology as i had Christianity and came to the same conclusion, they were all just nonsense. This led me to dump all superstition (including religions, although I do still have a strong feeling for Zen).
    So step into the the light also – dump all superstition and embrace the only true way – scepticism.

  9. If there is any mention of the gifts of the Magi, who went on the road because their astrology predicted a king was going to be born, being refused, I missed it.


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