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Christians, please explain to me how?

the middle ages, which (if Christianity is correct) was a period of great spiritual awakening, also happened to be one of the darkest periods of human history?
Why (during the unbridled reign of your religion) did we see atrocities like the crusades, hundreds of years of technological regression, and a plague that killed half the population of Europe?
Could it have been the revenge of the pagan roman gods? What’s your explanation?
Sylvia: So Christians didn’t hold slaves? That’d be news to every African American I know….
What denomination did your branch of Christianity spring off of? It all comes back to Catholicism.


  1. My explanation? Stuff happens. Correlation does not prove causation.
    Around that time art and science also flourished in another part of the world, under Islam. Does that prove that Islam is the “right” religion?

  2. If you value your religious freedom, thank the Crusaders. Without their bravery all of Europe would have been overrun by the Mohammedan hoards within a short time, and all of Europe today would be Islamic. So would most of the rest of the world, having been settled by Islamic Europeans.

  3. I think that the difficulty of life at that time is what *caused* the spiritual awakening. People turned to God as the only bright hope in life.

  4. actually the crusades were a blessing in disguise, there was still trafficking in human beings, as humans were sold as slaves, crucifixions were daily, and chrisitans had been thrown to the lions. So the crusades in actuality put an end to all these practices.

  5. God allows bad things to happen and works them out for ultimate good. Now when the power of organized church is in the hands of man, some really bad stuff will happen, like you explain.
    But you cannot take what man has done, which is completely against what the bible teaches and think that it reflects on God or the bible.
    Also, like another person answered on here, it really did keep the muslims out!

  6. The Crusades were Catholic, not Christian
    I’m a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. He’s not about denominations, and the Catholic church wasn’t the first church. It was the followers, the disciples of Jesus Himself. And Peter was not the pope of anything. So, if you say I believe the Catholic doctrine, I don’t. I believe the Lord. The Crusades were Catholic, not anything else. Many people do things in the “name of God” who don’t even know God.

  7. first
    if we believe in god
    what makes you think we believe in the pagan gods
    nevertheless their revenge
    yes we are christians
    but why does that make you think we can possibly understand every work of god?
    all i know is sometimes god breaks people down to help them realize they need him
    what ever his strategy was
    you cant deny
    it worked

  8. Catholics are Christians.
    If you blame all bad things that Christians have done on Catholicism then you would be flat out wrong. Yes, the Catholic Church has been the source of much evil throughout the years (Spanish Inquisition, papal corruption due to a thirst for power, etc); this is indeed fact.
    However, there have been much evil also committed by those who profess Islam (9/11 Attack, terrorism, current day persecution of Christians and in-fighting between different sects), protestants (Puritans who committed the Salem Witch Trials, many southern American Christians who participated in slavery, or even Queen Elizabeth I who had thousands of Catholics killed), pagans (vikings raping and pillaging Christian establishments) and those of no real religious association (just watch the evening news).
    Evil is all around us. Blaming an atrocity just because the majority of those people were Catholic is asinine. The goal is to make love the law of the land! 🙂 Catholicism and most all of Christians believe that the greatest gift that God gave us is love.
    BTW, revenge of pagan gods? lol

  9. I don’t think anyone on this site was alive during the dark ages so therefore cannot answer your question, as much as I would like to join you in your discussion about the rights and wrongs of religion (particularly Christianity) but to be honest, you can’t blame people who weren’t alive during that time. It’s like blaming a blonde haired blue eyed child for WW2.


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