Christians ONLY: What are some tips on how to bless a house that has demons?

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Think there is an some sort of evil spirit/demon in my house.
Have had some experiences similar to the old hag and incubus encounters.
I want to make these demons flea before things get complicated.
Need all the help I can get.

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what if you are the demon….play lots of christian music ..


Oh, grow up.
BTW – you don’t get to specify who answers your questions. This is a public forum. If you don’t like that, feck off.

☆ нคภภคђ

YOU can bless your house…
if you have enought faith (:
demons can’t stand the present of God..
like on the part when the demons BEGGED jesus to just put them on the body of the pigs because they couldn’t stand his presence.
& remember, God wants you to be like him in any possible ways
seriously, it’s different from those scary movies sometimes.
also, don’t doubt

Blue Footsâ„¢

I would suspect holy water. When I was a kid my step father tried to bring a pastor i nthe house because of monsters in my closet.


Well, I have good mental health coverage in my Blue Cross/Blue Health plan. That helps.


Take a MAOI and they should disappear..


Tell them to go in the name of Jesus.


Pray over the house. Ask God to cleanse it.
You can try Holy water but I don’t know if that will work.

Renko Izumi

Pray everyday and tell them to them to leave the house if they are not working for the Creator (God) tell them that if they are working for God then they can stay but if they aren’t then tell them to get out. I know it may seem like your talking to nothing but it may work for you. And get a priest that you trust from a local Church to help you and to come and bless the house.

Vera V.

If you’re sure, get professional help from your priest, pastor, deacon, whoever cares to come over and pray. This is not a ” do it yourself ” project. Get someone in there who has strong faith in God and LOTS of courage. ( remember ”The Exorcist”) ? Good luck and God bless.

Messenger of God

I can’t believe that some Christians were gullible to answer this question.
This proves it, there are Christians that are blind to truth.


You can. If you have faith the size of a mustard seed you could tell a mountain to get up and move. Just tell the demons to leave in the name of Jesus


what makes you think there is something in your house?
e-mail me.


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