Home Discussion Forum Christians: I'm curious. How many of you believe in reincarnation?

Christians: I'm curious. How many of you believe in reincarnation?

Simply state your answer and then explain it. Thanks in advance.
For the record, I am a reincarnation-believing Christian.


  1. No, I do not. Both because the Bible says that it is appointed for man to die once and then after that the judgment, and because reincarnation is based on the premise that we keep getting better and better until we’re acceptable to God or the universe or whatever throughout many lifetimes. If we do this, we’re relying on our own goodness to be acceptable to God. That’s no different than the pharisees.
    Scriptural salvation is based on the premise that we admit that we are failures and accept Christ’s righteousness for our salvation.

  2. What we believe or are told to believe about reincarnation – or about anything, for that matter – has no impact on whether or not it is true. The act of believing does not make something true or the world would still be flat. If something is true, it is true with or without our approval and concurrence. If it is not true, believing won’t make it so.
    Ultimately we cannot prove much about religion, reincarnation or the afterlife until society is willing to probe into and objectively examine its beliefs. The starting point would be to test religion against the sciences, which CAN be proven. However, resistance by society prevents this.
    We’re left with the following choices: consider all the angles and decide for ourselves, or believe what we’re told to believe and never question it. We can only piece together a belief structure based on what we know. Different people know (or think they know) different things. Consequently, everyone has different beliefs about things we cannot (or will not) prove.
    However, since we cannot (or will not) prove, we also cannot condemn people who reach a different conclusion, or declare that God condemns them for us. That would be bad as well as wrong.
    I’ve pieced together my own belief structure based upon what I know, or think I know. I’ve put it together for you in the following analysis, which is NOT intended to declare any sort of “truth.”
    Rather, I hope this essay simply encourages you to think about things, question things, and look at them in new ways.

  3. I consider myself a “questioning believer” I’m a Christian in that I believe in a God, a savior, and heaven, but I think the bible has been corrupted.
    If you count me as a christian, my answer is “why not”. If it’s God’s purpose, why can’t someone be reincarnated.

  4. No, because the soul is the sum of the spirit and the body.
    A dead soul is just the body. The spirit returns to God. He cannot reuse it several times, because you are judged by the deeds u do in one lifetime, not many.

  5. Nope i dont really believe it… but anything is possible so i really just dont know… i believe in a God and I’m a christian but reincarnation is a touchy subject

  6. yes i do becuz i feel like evrybody going to kno whether there going to heaven or hell when judgement day come until then i think they jus do it all over agian dying and being reborn again into different bodies thtas all

  7. Yes. It would appear that somehow we are intended to experience all that life has to teach. One lifetime would not be enough.
    Someone once said that “Life is God experiencing Self”. That would describe something immeasurable if you ask me. The door is open…

  8. reincarnation nope , a lie of the enemy (satan) , the bible does say you will live for ever (your Spirit ) but you only get 1 go on this earth as it is.
    and any way why would anybody who went to heaven want to come back as some thing else ? that crazy .
    reincarnation is contrary to god s word the bible and there fore to be a christian is to follow jesus and reincarnation opposes his teaching .

  9. I believe that memories are carried over into other lives but not identities, i.e. souls. So, for example, people sometimes acquire memories, personality traits and the like from transplant organs or are able to speak extinct languages they haven’t learnt, but i don’t think one’s soul is actually reincarnated.

  10. Christians do not believe in reincarnation. If you do, than you are not a Christian, because you are going against the inerrant word of God as given to us in the bible.
    If reincarnation did happen, then Christ’s death on the cross was meaningless and we are still dead in our sins. But it does not happen.
    Hebrews 9:27 And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment

  11. Yes, I have had past life regression which proved it to me and it was recorded in the bible that Jesus mentioned it but some people will deny that.
    Rev. TomCat

  12. I do, or at least I believe it to be a distinct possibility. I’ve seen nothing that indicates to me that it wouldn’t be a possibility, and it makes more sense to me than most other options.

  13. I believe in reincarnation or rebirth !
    After my Death the effects of my Deeds will be in Heaven or Hell, but both are conditions on this Earth.


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