Christians, if you had an episode of sleep paralysis, would you believe in little green aliens?

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Out of curiosity. Silly answers, please.
(And yes, this is in reference to the question about near-death-experiences and finding Jesus.)

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Bipolar Birdy

Darn, I wish I could come up with a silly answer, but I’m suffering from “brain fog” at the moment.


no. that’s just silly – now that scary old lady staring at me from the corner? oh yea.

Captain Obvious MM AM

But I do believe in little green men. They come from Mars and their only goal is to implant anal probes in the entire human race.

Jeff S

i found most things are difficult to believe until you have 1st hand experience.
i never believed in the underwear gnomes until i started losing my underwear. and i know for a fact they brought them to my ex girlfriends house because i saw pictures of her burning them.

Man on a Mission

Why are you using such big words!?
No…seriously, I have no clue wtf sleep paralysis is…like where you can’t move or something?
I would think that some form of demon had over come me and I was being posessed I would then call Dr. Phil and tell him not to tell anyone!

Mable VT

no, they would have an episode of being attacked by little green aliens.
Sleep paralysis only happens to thoes who do not follow a faith.


i have sleep paralysis, your question startled me b/c not many people know about it but, no I wouldn’t believe in green aliens
if you saw and sensed an ethereal figure while fully awake would you think you were imagining things and ignore the visual evidence before you or would you acknowledge their may be another dimension of existance

Cee T

I have had a few episodes of sleep paralysis. The first time was kind of scary.
After that, I realized that they don’t last long so it doesn’t really bother me. As for aliens, I prefer purple.

Dwain M

If I had an episode of little green aliens, I’d sure hope I could believe in sleep of some kind…


People who experience sleep paralysis generally think that they are being assailed by demons, not aliens,, often fortifying superstitious religious beliefs and behaviors. Nevertheless, the little-green-men trip is considered to be a variant of sleep paralysis phenomena and probably occurs among folks who do not have paranoid religious beliefs but other kinds of paranoid and irrational beliefs about things that go bump in the night or elsewhere.
My sleep paralysis episodes always involved demons. I haven’t gotten possessed yet. If and when I do, I will answer that other Q you posted today. OK?


I had one episode of sleep paralysis and thought I was being attacked by a big white dog. I still like dogs, though.


once, when i fell asleep, i saw a miniature swiss miss girl coming from me. i also had a fever.

bad tim, boy mermaid for life

are non-christians allowed to give silly answers?
i will anyway…
if i woke up in the spaceship and found one of their cell phones with pictures of them posing with my unconscious body, then i suppose i would have no choice. but the space aliens i know look virtually the same as us. there are some evil cat aliens, too, but my space aliens kicked their tails and sent them home. they’ve mentioned the grays, but don’t really communicate with them. i don’t know why. there are lots of space aliens out there, and they won’t say much about them because they don’t think we’re ready to accept them.
they’re revealing their spiritual wisdom to me, which is why i’m a prophet. someday, i might even finish my scripture. it’s not as easy as joseph smith made it seem, but maybe his aliens were willing to dictate to them. mine prefer allegory, which i must then interpret. and here i am, clueless about symbolism. it’s frustrating, but i’m the only one crazy enough to hear their messages. if anybody wants to pitch in, i’d be happy to forward your requests. but i still get to be supreme high prophet!


sounds like something i experienced when i was still married when i was in bed with my x husband , now that is scary!sleep paralysis that i do relate with ! ask him if he still breathes.

Green is My Favorite Color

Not unless I had an urgent need for Preparation H the next morning…..


They are demons.


Why do people always associate abilities such as telepathy, etc as demonic or evil?

sorry slash always not that i myself am psychic, and I'm a bit iffy on it

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