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Christians how many women do you believed were actual witches during the Salem witch trials?

Many women were burned alive during the Salem witch hunt.How many of those women do you think were actual witches?
Just wondering…..I supposed none?


  1. any of them who didn’t believe in god, or didn’t vote republican.
    obama was born in kenya, and his father was an alien who wants to kill old people and steal their medicine – fact.

  2. No women were burned at the stake during the Salem witch trials. Fourteen were hanged, though.
    Of those, none were witches. Everyone knows that the Salem witch trials were a farce, and a result of one man’s greed.

  3. Don’t forget hanged. Honestly, I have no clue who were actual practicing pagans. I heard it was more of a political thing than anything. Some women had “big mouths” and “needed to be hushed.” Religious hysteria used to be one of the best ways to pull that off.

  4. Perhaps a handful, but they still didn’t deserve it.
    What p*sses me off is that regardless of if you confessed or denied, you died anyway.
    People who weren’t witches died for denying, people who were died for admitting.
    What kind of fair thing is that? And what the hell did they ever do to the church other than believe in what they wanted freely.
    It makes me so angry.

  5. No woman we actually burned alive in North America… they were all hanged, except for one woman who died in interrogation.
    But I don’t think ANY of the women were witches…. just poor unfortunate victims.
    If any of you feel the urge you should read The Crucible… it is frictional but gives a good idea of what the trials could have been like.

  6. None, and even if some of them did have abilities that people usually don’t (e.g. psychic) that doesn’t make them evil. I think burning alive is one of the cruelest things ever

  7. They didn’t burn anyone during the Salem Witch Trials, they hung them and crushed one man with a large rock.
    Probably none of them were actual witches.

  8. Most of them were either midwives, or healers.
    The word witch was used as an excuse, for the Catholic church to burn them out of the birthing business.

  9. Don’t kinow for sure but some people think they were falsly accused by enemies. In any case witchcraft is a superstition and so is Christianity. It’s merely an ugly war between competing superstitions.

  10. no truth be told they was a lot there but they were the ones smart at the time to be the ones burning us Christin folk at the time saying we was witches i mean thank about how some people got burn for drawing on the ground with a sticks and so many other stupid things don’t you think that was just another way that they could take the law in there hands and kill good folks they did not like for what ever reason
    and as always don’t cook your chickens until you get the eggs in

  11. Anybody who opposed the current religious order of the day could be branded a witch or under the control of witches or spirits. Any home medicine or odd behavior could get you in trouble. Some were accused for political reasons.
    And as mentioned in another post here, Ergot poisoning in the grain fields is one possible factor in the hysteria surrounding Salem. Ergot contains poisonous compounds that first give hallucinations but eventually cause violent convulsions , lunacy and death. Weather conditions and food storage in those times are thought to have been right for Ergot to have been present in some of the farms around Salem. Many of the reports of people and animals being possessed do have similarities with someone on drugs. In addition, Ergot poisonings have been recorded in other places in the world often with reports of witches and spirits as well.

  12. *Sigh. NO women were burned alive during the Salem, MA witch trials. Where are people getting this?
    19 people – women AND men were hanged. One man was pressed to death for refusing to enter a plea.
    There were likely no actual witches involved. (A male witch is a witch, just as a female witch is a witch, btw) These folks were Puritians undergoing a mass hysteria based on numerous factors, and accusing each other and using “evidence” to convict the accused that would not hold up in any courtroom today.
    “There really was no one cause for the Salem witch trials. A combination of events and factors helped in the creation of a climate for the birth and growth of the trials. A recent small pox outbreak, the revocation of the Massachusetts Bay Colony charter by Charles II and the constant fear of Indian attacks helped in creating anxiety among the early Puritans that God was punishing them. This fear of punishment established a fertile atmosphere in which a case of possible witchcraft could easily be interpreted by the Puritans as the cause of God’s wrath. Add to these events the economic, political, imaginations and fears of the people, family feuds and religious factors of the time, it is easier to understand how the Salem witch trials grew and prospered for almost a whole year.”

  13. This is frightening, how ignorant so many people are when it comes to history.
    Facts are:
    – Only 19 people died
    – The accused were hanged, not burned. Except for one– who was crushed to death
    – There is no proof that any who were executed or accused were actual Witches, and they were actually exonerated
    – There are a number of likely contributers to the mass hysteria: bored kids seeking attention, superstition, hysteria/stress brought on by fear of Indians after attacks, political reasons, a fungi which poisoned their rye crops and had an LSD like effect (ergot).


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