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Christians: How do you get the energy to go to church when you stopped going awhile ago?

I used to go to church all the time (well, all the time some years ago). I know how good I felt everytime I went. Like a spiritual renewal. =)
non-believers: pls don’t answer this if you are planning to leave a rude comment. I’m not insulting you; so, pls don’t insult my feelings/beliefs. Thanks.


  1. I just realize that The Holy Spirit is STILL with me and He said He would never leave me nor forsake me and just grab them ‘bootstraps’ and chin up, take a deep breath and just ‘Do It’!! 🙂

  2. You have faith right? So use it to ask for strengh and wisdom from God. You act and take a step by going for the first week. Before you know it youll be right on track again. You cannot lways go it alone. Along the way you’ll meet friends maybe some new who will share the same values and faith as you do.

  3. Try to get involved in a small group at your church. I do Youth and it helps to know a couple people real well when going to services, especially if you don’t have family with you.

  4. I have actually been delivered from the whole SUNday thing and now I obey God and keep the Sabbath.
    It is not a chore at all. It is a complete pleasure and I already look forward to next Sabbath.

  5. In my experience I was back and forth, in and out of church, but each time I went I really enjoyed it. and each time I left I felt something was missing It is not about what we feel all the time, It is about really knowing God and His purpose for you. I’ve experienced so many hardships when I was not in church,or when the word of God was not in me. one day I realized that I needed Jesus, Now that I have gotten away from the terrible life I was living, I have a better understanding and a closer relationship with God because going through what I went through when I was in the world now I know serving the Lord is the only way for me. I acknowledge my purpose today. Hope everything goes well for you spiritually. God Bless! We can do all things through Christ which strengthens us.

  6. hmm…getting the energy?
    actually i’m in the same mess.
    i actually like going to church and all. i wanna learn but somehow the speakers are really old boring men. so i don’t go in the end.
    you should go to a youth service or something. find some people to go with you, that way you have a bit of a push or something that’ll keep you from straying


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