Christians, how do you feel that Aleister Crowley showed the holy trinity is just a mom, dad, and child?

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It is not a god, jesus, and some holy entity. It is a symbol that was stolen from pagan religions

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God's servant

and what you say is incorrect and wrong


Aleister Crowley was a deceived man and I wouldn’t place any importance upon what he said or did.


Well, the pagans perhaps sensed a foreshadow of the truth, but that’s about it. And Crowley, well, he should have been institutionalized.


Yeah, I’m sure you just converted a bunch of Christians to atheism. They ignore modern-day science, but really hang on every word written by Aleister Crowley.

cynicism 101

I would say who is Aleister Crowley and why should I care about what he says.
And then I would figure out the Holy Trinity by myself.

Ary T

well put. A lot of religious ideas were taken from other faiths. Ever notice how Jews Muslims and Christians have the same holy place? How Jews, Muslims and Christian share the idea of a One God and a prophet? Things that make you go hummm……..


You’re asking me about Aleister Crowley. I just have this to say about him. He was the most evil man on the face of this earth and professed to being posessed by satan himself. Anyone who can molest little boys can only be evil. So, anything that came out of Aleister Crowley’s mouth was a filthy dirty lie and an abomination to God and everything that is holy. he worked for satan, that is why he said that. This is what he showed to me–he is of his father, satan, and now he can spend eternity with him!


No, he didn’t. That is a far older idea, and very spurious at that.


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