Christians: how do you feel about Reiki?

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Is it something against your believes?
Would you accept it if a friend will offer you a Reiki treatment?

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I don’t believe in it. Quackery. Go to a chiropractor, instead.

God's servant

its a false belief
its used for more then just relieving stress

good tree

Before I became a believer, I allowed one of my good friends to perform reiki on me. She told me how painful it was to learn to be a reiki healer. I now pray and see people healed in the name of Jesus, and I had no need to be ‘inititated’ or to go through any painful process beforehand. Any healing that does not come from God is not healthy for the spirit.


I hope she doesn’t lose my number (867-5309).


I am Christian and a Reiki Master so it’s definitely ok! 😉
There are many people in my congregation that have Reiki and use other forms of energy healing.
God is the source of every healing so who answered that Reiki is not good because doesn’t come from God is an ignorant.


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