christians: how do I summon a Succubus?

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I want to summon up a Succubus this weekend, so christians how would I do that?
a succubus is a christian female god!
satanlovesus: i know it is a christian thing that is why i am asking christians

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thats a christian practice, I would not mess with christian occultism


Email me and I’ll give you her number. She’s my ex-girlfriend and her name is Danni. Hide your cash.


What the heck is a Succubus?

♣ CuteBitch ♣

LOL watch charmed.


A succubus is a demon assuming female form to have sexual intercourse with men in their sleep. (Webster’s Dictionary)
The true children of God are not to entertain such wickedness.


Get yourself a timetable schedule for the route you want, then wait by the succubus stop.

Crazy Pirate

go into a church and say, “I’m so horny, please pray for me”…


These beings can possess you,they are demonic energy vampires that are not christian but can easily deceive.I have personal experience with this!


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