Home Discussion Forum Christians have you ever been decieved by astrology?

Christians have you ever been decieved by astrology?

Have u been decieved by innocently reading your horoscope which escalated into sin?have u ever believed or consulted an astrologist for problems in your life?How did it affect you?


  1. astrology is general. According to my sign I am suppose to love food well who doesn’t like food? I don’t need to look to stuff like that, that can’t help me

  2. Ah… I was raised in Catholic schools, and my dear old mom started me reading horoscopes. It’s never hurt anyone to just read the silliness of horoscopes.
    Now, as an adult, I get some very strange ones sent to me via e-mail. They’re VERY strange, and rarely come true, but it’s funny when anything coincides at all.
    If worrying about horoscopes being sinful is the biggest worry you have, you truly are a special person. 🙂 Don’t sweat the small stuff, as they say!

  3. If you are a faithful christian, you wont believe in astrology. Christians know that only messages and teachings of Christ is true and the truth. In this case, there is no way for them to be deceived.

  4. Oh Yeah. It became an addiction, and it did escalate to more than reading my horoscopes. The good news is that I have been set free from that bondage. While some may think it is harmless, I can attest to the fact that It is like a poison to your spirit man. It hinders any real intimacy with God.


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