Christians has your god sent new information that wasn't available during the Salem witch trials?





was the bible they used between February 1692 and May 1693 different than what you use today?


  1. Lets see now, You are a Muslim is this right? and YOU DO burn Women to death who have displeased their Husbands because they have gotten over weight or just did not prepare a good Supper! You also hang and make Bombs of your own Children to kill enemies of your Murder Cult!
    Our Bible says that Witches Should NOT be suffered to Live! Look at the deterioration of this Country since Wicca has reared its ugly head into this nation. ! God hates what we call Wicca today and its subscribers. He destroyed Israel in part of the sins allowing this Blasphemy and worship of His Creations and gods other than Himself into their country for hundreds of years and removed the Prophets from speaking to Israelfor this time .

  2. I think the latest message from “God”… is that 2009 – 1692 = 317. So, when I find somebody that age, I’ll send them your way to atone for their sins.

  3. Kids on an acid trip in a highly superstitious society was a recipe for disaster…
    The cause of the symptoms of those who claimed affliction continues to be a subject of interest. Various medical and psychological explanations for the observed symptoms have been explored by researchers, including psychological hysteria in response to Indian attacks, convulsive ergotism caused by eating rye bread made from grain infected by the fungus Claviceps purpurea (which is the natural substance from which LSD is derived),[72], an epidemic of bird-borne encephalitis lethargica, and sleep paralysis to explain the nighttime attacks alleged by some of the accusers,[73]. Other modern academic historians are less inclined to believe that the cause for the behavior was biological, exploring instead motivations of jealousy, spite and a need for attention to explain behavior they contend was simply acting.

  4. The content of the Bible had nothing to do with Salem. Lying kids and hysteria were the root of the Salem trials.

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