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Christians: Do you think I'm going to hell?

I regularly give my time and money to organisations that help those in need. I am kind to animals and children. I am usually kind to those around me. I respect my parents. I am constantly reminding myself the good in all people and things, and I consistently attempt to foster a sense of love for all mankind in my heart. I seek out god in daily life, and make every attempt to get closer to Divinity. I avoid hypocrisy like the plague.
I, however, am not Christian. Broadly, I am a pantheist, specifically an eclectic pagan. yeah, I believe in Jesus, but I also believe in the other gods, and I think that the Buddha had quite a few brilliant ideas. I use ceremonial magick. I believe in reincarnation. I have gone on numerous vision quests. I can’t actually bring myself to believe that there is only one right system of belief.
So, do you think I’m going to go to hell when I die just cos I don’t believe that Jesus was the messiah, and where in the Bible does he actually say that?


  1. You’re going to hell. Tough luck, kitten. God never said he was fair, did he? God never said he was just, loving or kind, did he? Wait.. maybe he did. But he’s a very vexing and contradictory God who changes his mind very frequently, and you just have to be lucky enough to get into heaven. I’m a Pantheist Atheist too (Think Spinoza’s God), though, so I’ll see you in hell.

  2. I’m a Christian and I’ve never been for the whole “you’re going to Hell if you do not believe exactly what I do” ideology. I believe that if you try to make the world a better place than you found it then you could not possibly be punished. Just my two cents.

  3. I don’t know if you’ll go to hell BUT the whole thing about getting into heavin is actually not just believing that their is a Jesus but believing IN him.
    How can you go to Heaven if you don’t 100% believe in it?

  4. Most would. My husband’s a Christian, he doesn’t. Lucky for us, hell doesn’t exist!!
    Edit: The problem is any Christian who says your going to hell is making judgement only God can supposedly make.

  5. Personally….no.
    But of course I’m not what decides who goes to Heaven or not.
    If I were Jesus, I would get everyone in.

  6. In my belief, anyone who was a genuinely good person goes to heaven. This allows, anyone that is not allowed ever to read the bible to go to heaven, like newborn infants that die in birth or a few days later.

  7. The Bible teaches that hell is not a place of torment. Hell is simply the grave. So, yes, if you die, you will go to hell (as will EVERYONE ELSE who dies)
    False Christians teach that hell is a place of torment.

  8. A true christian would not judge, this is not for him to do. So I will not judge.But I would tell you to that you need to either believe in Jesus as a christian would, or stay away from it to prevent the large amount of dabbling that you are doing.

  9. Well, if you do all that you say you do, and you still go to hell, then GOD would be regarded as vindictive possibly.
    So no, I don’t personally think you would.
    But at the same time, I don’t believe in hell.
    It all depends what you believe.
    I believe that the idea of hell is instilled in our minds so we have constant fear.
    Humans live off fear. It exists all around us. It keeps us motivated to a certain degree.

  10. Actually, dear, we pantheist use the awe inspired by the lawfulness of the universe euphemistically for god. Read your Spinoza.
    To these nut-cases it does not matter that you are a good person. It only matters that you are ” born again ” in their ” magic man. “

  11. Look at the ‘original’ Greek and Hebrew word/s “used” for hell in the Bible.
    It’s enlightening.

  12. in order to get into heaven you must accept him as the messiah, God’s Son and confess his name… read the bible most have a section that will tell you where the passages are and there are many

  13. hmmm…would it matter if your wrong or right…its uncertainty that keeps us going, not knowing and wanting to find out…if god is all forgiving he will forgive you, no matter what…now dont worry about it and keep doing what you do

  14. I think it’s less what you believe & more how you live your life & your contributions while you are here..
    Just my opinion..

  15. I think the only person can answer that question for you is you yourself. Read the bible and from that I am sure you will be able to determine if your saved or not. Even if you do not have too much time just try to read Gospel of John and then you will know exactly where you are standing. God bless

  16. I can not say who is damned however I can say that Christ loves us all and one of the meanings of the good samaritan is that it is the one who helps that is the true neighboor..
    the be attitudes on the sermon on the mound speak alot of virtures so in your kindess is there a true hunger and thirst for rightousness? – If so then it shall be filled.

  17. haha i like this. here you have a bunch of christians saying you won’t go to hell but ask the same question and don’t list all the things you do they automatically think ur a bad person and off to hell

  18. ‘Perish’ means going to hell:“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life’ (John 3:16).

  19. I’m a Christian… and I don’t believe in hell. So I guess I’m going to have to say no. Besides, I don’t know what your experiences are, or how God communicates with you, or whether or not he does. So who am I to judge you? God has created a diverse and varied population of people who all have diverse and varied needs. Why couldn’t God provide a diverse and varied amount of paths to access him? I know what I personally believe, but I’m not in a position to pass judgement on you and your beliefs. That’s God’s job, not mine.

  20. i agree with you veiw 100% i think of Jesus as a philospher not as a deity. i like to learn about all the religons and take what i learned for the best from each one

  21. Although it says in the bible “judge no lest you be judged with a righteous judgement,” there are ways to determine for yourself what you need spiritually.
    “I am the way, the truth and the light. No man shall come to the father but thru me.”
    “This is a faithfull saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save all sinners, of whom I am chief.”
    “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, so that who soever would believe in Him should not perish, but have life everlasting”

  22. I am not a Christian, but I do believe that according to Christian theology (particularly Catholicism), everyone born of this planet is a SINNER unless they believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ, which proliferates from the ideas of Original Sin. So yea pretty much (According to Christian Beliefs) you will go to hell unless you accept Jesus Christ as GOD.
    I, however, am a Muslim, with a completely different perspective on the criterion for getting into heaven or hell. The Quran does not say, ACCEPT ME or Burn in hell. But instead the criterion is mostly based on good works and having the moral capacity to do good in the world. Remember Islam is essentially a way of life, which is basically a groundwork for living a morally sane and justified life, not just personally but Islam brings forth solutions for societal ailments and etc. So my friend as long as you are just, sane, moral, and follow all the common sense acts. You are guaranteed heaven in Islam. Also point to be noted. Just because someone claims he is a Muslim, does not guarantee him/her heaven, meaning if someone prays 5 times a day and after doing so go and gets drunk, cheats on his wife and does everything the Quran forbids… then he in no way will be getting Heaven. Remember brother. According to Islam. A good aethiest will be a better candidate for heaven than a bad Muslim.
    The 5 pillars of Islam are not Worship me Worship me Worship me or burn in hell…. But the majority is focused on making you a good person.

  23. That hon is between you and God and not for any of us to judge. No human can know your heart as He does therefore none of us are fit to judge where you will end up when this life is over.

  24. No, in my opinion open mined individuals are far more deserving of any form of salvation than any close minded Christian.
    I’m from a Catholic family. My mother and her siblings all went to Catholic school. I’m a confirmed catholic as well. I never really bought into any of it, but I just did it to keep up appearances. Recently through my contact with other Christians I’ve grown to resent much of how people interpret it. They let it govern their lives and control all of their actions. Five minutes here on Yahoo! I hate when people start lashing out Bible excerpts at people with doubt. Ahh! Answers gives you enough proof that free thinking individuals are a slowly dying breed.
    I spoke with my mom about my concerns and told her I thought about converting to another form of thought, she started up with the usual Christian crap. This surprised me because over the years she’s been all for other ideas in all aspects of life. How she could be so minded now was beyond me. Well, this made me lose faith, no pun intended, even more.
    I’ve honestly never heard of Pantheism, but I’m glad I have. A little research and it seems like the religion I’ve been searching for. It’s much deeper than shallow Atheism, but without the Christian nonsense with the incorporation of nature and advanced thinking.
    Sorry for the rant, but I want to thank you for introducing me to Pantheism. I’m prepared for the onslaught of negative feedback now.
    Dylan, 15

  25. I am not a Christian. However, I am under the impression that according to the Christian mythos only god can judge, so only god can answer this question.
    Nevertheless, I am glad you asked it. It is one that I have often struggled with. How can people believe that an honest and good person, who tries to better humanity will go to hell?
    I was raised to believe that as you sow so shall you reap three fold. I am nurse, I volunteer at my local animal shelter, try not to lie, I never steal, and I strive to treat all people with dignity and respect. My goal for this life is to leave the world a better place then I found it. Yet, because I am pagan I have often been told I am going to hell.

  26. No hell is only designed for the wicked. You do not sound at all wicked to me. If you stay the way you are right now you when you die will go to a spirit Paradise. If you keep rejecting the Idea of Jesus being the savior even after talking to those who personally knew him like his apostles when he walked upon the earth until Judgment day then you will be damned. Now being damned is not consigned to hell but consigned to a place which is less than Heaven, but it is not hell. To dam something is to stop its progress like a dam holds water from flowing down the river, much the same idea.

  27. Never forget that Christianity is not the only religion in the world so don’t think that you will. It doesn’t have, never had and never will have a monopoly on faith. There is not one “right” system of belief : there only is if YOU think there is. What about the hundreds of millions of people (no, sorry, at least a few billion) in the world who are of different faiths? Are they condemned to Hell because they don’t believe in Jesus? No, of course not. They have their own gods, their own version of the afterlife.
    Bottom line : do what YOU believe is best for YOURSELF, not what you think you “should” do.

  28. John 14:6
    6 Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.

  29. You are obviously aware that all people are created in the image and likeness of God and you seem to have a solid ethic as do may if not all faiths and you may treat the Earth as a living organism as does Christianity. However, pantheism would deny that there is an existing absolute picture of reality and Christianity makes a big claim for a proper picture of reality.That the Infinite-Personal-Creator made all in His image (male and female) meaning we are eternal souls (thinking and relational) that have a real sin problem for which He has provided a solution. The solution is true Truth that is highly validated. The solution is real in space and time. Jesus has atoned for all and is personally concerned about you. It is obvious that God has spoken to you about many things because you have some solid pieces to the puzzle of Truth but not the piece that holds it all together. The personal traits of God such as Goodness, Love, etc. are really alive in the knowledge of the Living God and not impersonal forces. May God continue to bless you on your journey.

  30. Under what I had believed it is wise to look at John 3:16. It is not about whether you do good things or not, it is about believing in our saviour Jesus Christ. If you have time to do good things, I am sure you can have time to study what the God actually want from you.
    Anyway believing is more than saying “I believe”.

  31. You are using the tools at which life has given you to use. Exploring different beliefs is not a bad thing at all it just means that you like a variety of what people are saying and writing in scriptures or tablets or whatever. You have to ask yourself, would I throw my child in a lake of fire just because he or she doesn’t believe in me? Maybe my kid has better plans with his or her life and it doesn’t include me in them and thats all part of knowing ones self is to be able to master ones own way in life without any outside influences such as myself telling my kid your going to hell because I said so. To me thats really a cop out in teaching of freedom. Do this or else, is no more or less than trying to control someone. Your doing fine if you are happy at what you are doing.

  32. You go girl! Go ahead, make my day.
    Heck no, I don’t think your going to hell. Don’t believe in the place anyway. I wish I had more of your qualities.
    I am a Christian Buddhist, I like to chant, makes you feel more in turn with the universe.

  33. Well, clearly the salvation of your soul doesn’t come from the things you do in life. It come from confessing that Jesus is your Lord and savior and inviting him to live inside your heart. That’s why you have to read the bible well, Jesus said on to the men I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die meaning eternal life (John 11:25-26) Also in (Revelations 20:15) it talks about if your name is not in the book of life you will be thrown into the lake of fire. So those are the people that don’t want God or do not believe in him

  34. I was born catholic but I now am like you. I don’t think your going to hell. I feel if you try to do your best in everything that’s all that matters.Most people don’t do that.

  35. I consider myself something of a Zen Lutheran, so I’m of a much broader mindset than perhaps your “typical Christian”. However, I still think my opinions are worth your time.
    I don’t believe you are going to hell.
    An interesting quote on this is Ephesians 2:8-9 (NIV):
    For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith–and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God– not by works, so that no one can boast.
    One can literally thank god that this is the case, as if we had to get to heaven through works alone, no one would be good enough.
    So, I don’t think you’re going to hell. You have faith, just lots of it ^_^ And I find it hard to believe that God would forsake a good person with faith in God. However, do meditate more on Jesus and his place in your beliefs. The bible is also your friend in this case, and books like Romans, Revelations and potentially the Gospels should answer most of your questions.
    I was not able to find in this short amount of time, a passage saying “you’re going to hell” for any of the reasons you listed, though I’m sure someone else may.
    So, happy travels and continue to examine your faith. It’s good to keep thinking about it.

  36. I dunno… God only knows who will be saved or not but Ephesian 2:8-9 says, “For by grace, you are saved through faith and not of yourselves. Not of your works, lest any man should boast.” Think about it…

  37. well. i can see you got a variety of responses here…girl…but remember if everyone is claiming to you that the world is flat….does that make it flat? even if you believe that too? NO of course not!
    did you know that the bible wich is inspired by God, told us that in there, written even before christopher columbus sailed the ocean, lol, yup. The bible is the authoritive written word of God! unlike any other book…so thats why you shouldnt be asking such important questions on this site…you will so easily be decieved and steered in the wrong direction…
    oh, the earth being round, was told in the book of Isaiah 40:22. this was written 2,400 years before “man discovered it”
    this is not an attempt to convince you of anything….but do know that the very fact that you have this question on your heart of where you will spend eternity is from, not yourself, yet the Holy Spirit of God trying to draw you to himself.
    And reguarding good works? The Word of God says that our righteousness is as filthy rags to God…why? because he is perfect, and nothing sinful can see God and enter his presence! So how do some claim to be “prepared to see God”?? Redemption. simple….we sin (Gods standard) we are then destinded to be separated from him (hell)…..what is the remedy? Thats where the love of God comes in. He sent his son Jesus Christ to die….why? For The Payment of our sins, he payed the price/fine/debt that we owe God but cannot pay…..
    So who does this effect? Those who BELIEVE. And if you truly believe this GOOD NEWS or, Gospel….you open the door of your heart for God to change you……NOT for you to “perform” or be “good enough for God” nobody can!
    the thing i dont get about people saying the standard to getting to heaven is being ‘good’ or not being ‘bad’ is that HOW GOOD IS GOOD ENOUGH? HOW BAD IS BAD ENOUGH?
    The bible is black and white.
    i hope you see clarity in this….but do know that i know because you asked this question that God is pursuing you and trying to draw you to the truth!
    email me if you feel you’d like to. i love you! i’ll be thinking about you and praying for you.
    please dont expect to find the ‘truth’ from the “majority rules” concept on the internet..because the bible states that the Road to heaven is narrow and few are they that travel on it…why? because people hate to believe that they are indeed not measuring up to the Holy God, their maker’s standard!

  38. you or us may not enter hell in judment day if we kept strong in the faith accompanied by work through Jesus Christ our Lord,If We are truly a christians; How? do you know the Ten Commandments?” in the Old Testament,and in New Testament the teachings of Christ? how about God do you know him? who is this God are we talking about” He is the Father of Jesus,the God of Israel,or God of the Army,Our Almighty God” if you’re believing in other gods then you are unfaithfull to Christ and God as well”because you were being carried by other beliefs,we must have a strong decision wherever we went we have our stand that the God we believe and worship is the God of Israel,the Father of our Lord jesus,our Father in Heaven” P.S. not unless you sold your soul to the enemy of God” im sorry to say you are doom”i hope you didnt worship the Dvl” then you still have a chance” and dont commit suicide” then your’ zero chance”surely in doom” and stop kneeling to wooden or stone idols,nor bow on them or praying repetitiously to graven image” not good in the sight of our God” humans are subject only to Worship God” but saints and apostles are only servants of God”and not to be worship”,we can Worship Jesus’because he is our Lord the only begotten son of God”and the coming of Jesus was prophesied in Isaiah” and i guess you attend Bible class or listen to radio station that teaches the word of God so you have a clue how you can fully understand it,i suggests you go back to ist grade of learning” P.S. E-mail me for more some other time i will define to you evrything of my belief about the example or pattern of the church should be

  39. It sounds as though the voices of so many have said what you want to hear. and now you want to know the truth.
    The questions you have are very basic ones, the answers should be easily recognized by reading what the Bible has to say. Have you read it? The warm fuzzies we get from hearing things we want to hear will not cut it. Nor will uninformed scare tactics necessarily be true. I recommend reading the first four books of the New Testament in the Bible for yourself so you can be assured of truth.
    “No man comes to the Father but by me.”
    “There is no other name whereby we must be saved.”
    “Unless you are born again you will not see the kingdom of
    “You shall have no other gods before me.”
    “Not all who call upon my name saying, ‘Lord, Lord’ shall be
    Salvation does not come by developing and practicing an all-embracing philosophy of life. The path to life is a narrow path that we all must follow. Read the sciptures and then decide for yourself if you think all the things you do are sufficient. In the final analysis it is God who judges and He has already made His desires known.


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