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Christians, do you think as a Christian you are fully accomplished in regards to your spiritual potential?

Or do you think you could learn from other religions and beliefs that also try to interpret God or try to understand humanity or the self, and draw qualities from these religions or belief systems that help to better yourself intellectually and “spiritually”?
Such religions/belief systems I am talking about are Buddhism philosophies, Wiccan respect and reverence for nature, the focused ethics of compassion, moderation and humility by Taoism, the concept of Karma which is of particular emphasis in Hinduism and many other such qualities of thousands of other religions?


  1. A Christian is not fully accomplished by their own means. Christianity teaches all these ethics, a change in behaviors takes a change in heart.

  2. As a Christian no one has arrived at their potential. There is always something to learn and study in the Bible. If we had accomplished our spiritual potential then we would be perfect. And no one has been perfect except Jesus.

  3. There is no other belief system that leads to salvation of my soul.
    Buddha tried to show us the way
    Hindu’s lead us to Nirvana
    Taoism may teach us humility.
    Jesus WAS the WAY
    Jesus sacrifice allows us to enter heaven
    Jesus humbled himself on the cross for our salvation.
    There is no other way, we can’t be good enough, we can’t be reincarnated enough for perfection!
    “I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the father but through me”
    “There is salvation in no other name.”

  4. I say just take all the completely positive things from every religion, and put them together.
    And no things like Hell are not positive, no matter how well it can scare a Christian into being good.
    Less discipline,
    more reward and just… goodness.

  5. I have a long way to go, I believe in the law of karma, reincarnation, and all the spiritual gifts.
    I know reincarnation was taken out of the bible in the 5th century, and I also believe in the communion of saints, the resurrection of the body and life after death.

  6. I am where i want to be with God and his Son,
    I am not perfect in any way I repent daily because I
    know I have slipped somewhere today that I need to
    repent to God for my short coming,s.


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