Christians: do you guys find yourselves steering clear of the excessively religious amongst you?

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You know, the creationists, the homophobes, the militant anti-abortionists, the Mormons and JW’s…the Christians who are obviously taking their religion too seriously; they have an unsavory aura or they put out a bad vibe, don’t they, and mild-mannered Christians don’t want to be associated with them, am I right?

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Crazy Sparkler**



Let’s just say that anyone who is not a creationist, anti-gay, and anti-abortion is not a Christian. The Bible clearly states that God created everything in six literal days, and that gayness and abortion are wrong.
As for the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses, they are not Christians either, as they warp the word of God to their nefarious purposes.

Future Mrs Dave F -Duck BC

How about the angry everyone else haters like yourself?


I think what your really asking is… Those of you who pretend to be Christians, Do you try and stay away from the real Christians amongst you ? hope that helped answer you … God bless !


Those are the true bible believing Christians, the ones you hate. So you are wrong.

Ryan K

not really, they are following their faith right. It is watered down, politically correct Christianity that is the problem. I don’t agree with homosexuality but I have a homosexual friend, I’m pro life but that doesn’t mean I hate those who commit an abortion , actually one of my best friends had an abortion and I told her I didn’t think it was right but I still love her.


I am a Fundamental Christian but I never “shy away” from anyone. I was attacked during one of my questions some time ago by a number of people (Christians) who were upset at the way I worded a question. I try my best to not offend others and I do not believe in pushing my personal beliefs on those who are not wanting to hear them. I hope that this makes sense to you and to others. I call myself a Fundamental Christian because I feel that the BIBLE is our FATHER’S Inspired WORD. Have a great weekend.
Thank You,


How come you define Christians from your own perspective?
The things you describe do not characterize Christians they are only the things that are most apparent because the Christian faith is in opposition to them.

Darth Maul

Pretty much..Yes


I find myself steering clear of those who wear their religion on their sleeve, the ones who quote scripture in every conversation about everything. I avoid those who are “holier than thou”, the “Bible thumpers”. Those are the ones who are usually intolerant or judgmental of others viewpoints. And that goes against what Christ really wants us to do. We don’t have to associate with them, but we do have to tolerate their opinions, and we aren’t to judge them, either.

neil s

It is the religious moderates that sustain the platform that extremists function from, so they are no better than the extremists.


When I wanted to change my confession from a moderate protestant christ to the church of jesus christ of latter day daints, I was astonished about the reactions.
Most of my friends reacted in the way, you describe: Taking there religion too seriously, laughing at me, critizising me, my mother wanted to loose me as her son, and so on. They all were “mild – mannered ” christians, and none was one in your list above.
Real tolerance, love and friendship I have found in my church and now my mother and friends have recognized, that this decision was good for me. Greetings from germany.


well last time i checked being a creationist was not being an excessively religious person. that as well as anti-abortion. saying that abortion is wrong is probably one of the most prominent stands within Christianity because God created that “life” that’s inside the woman. saying that the woman has a choice to abort is like playing God. Maybe i have a choice to just take an AK47 to my school and play shoot em’ up. same thing right? that and mormons and jehovah’s witness are not Christians although they claim to be. just because the name of Jesus is in their name and they claim that they follow a man named Jesus does not make them Christian


It would be difficult to take true Christianity too seriously. Mother Teresa, Jimmy Carter, and others who seek to relieve suffering take their faith very seriously. While I do not agree with my fellow Christians on everything, some of the most loving people on this site consider themselves fundamentalists. It is not the interpretation of scripture or stand on social issues that makes me shy away from some Christians, but their lack of love and humility.
I hope that makes sense.


I don’t have a problem with creationists because non of us were actually there when the worlds were created, and if God can create us He could surely create everything in 6 days if He chose to. but that isn’t the way I believe it was done. I love gay people the same as I love everyone else and I think for Christians to throw their stones at any particuliar group of people is hippoctical. I am not gay and I wouldn’t get an abortion and I’ll even try to talk someone out of it if they want to listen But Neither you nor I died on the cross for anyone so we don’t have the right to judge others. I have a hard enough time drawing my own lines not to cross. There is a huge difference between christian and religious. and to tell the truth religion makes me want to barf. It is all about control and money. I tithe to the Lord and that sometimes means feeding a homeless person or giving to any of a number of different organizations, and sometimes even a friend in need. But it amazes me that people who call theirselves christian, won’t even help a fellow christian let alone a non christian. I don’t put myself under names like fundamentalist, or moral majority, etc. I don’t even claim I denomination any more. I just claim to be a follower of Christ and I still get stoned once in awhile by an overly zealous religious person. And to be honest, when I was in my most desperate situations in life it was the non christian friends that I have who came to me with sympathy, love and a hug. The weed grow along side the tares.


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