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Christians: do you believe in the power of healing crystals?

I am a Christian, but I am starting to discover that there really is something to the idea of usuing crystals for healing. I have bought only a couple of these crystals so far, but they have done everything they claim to do. I know a lot of people consider it to be something that witches and Wiccans do, but I just don’t believe I am the only Christian who has discovered the uses of crystals. What are your thoughts? And if you give some rude stupid answer I will hit the pretty little report button. You have been warned.
My view is that God created the plants that we get some of our medications from. Plants have healing properties. Why not crystals. God created nature. He put himself into in just as he put himself into each of us. I am not using them for divination. I don’t want to know my future. I am talking about things like placing amethyst under your pillow at night because amethyst is supposed to calm you and help you have pleasant dreams. What is the difference between that and a dreamcatcher? I know lots of Christians who have those.
Sleep paralysis is caused when your conscious mind wakes up before the part of your brain that controls the movement of the body. I did a project on that like 2 years ago for psychology. Its not caused by a demon. Lol. Scary, yes, but not a demon.
Can anyone give me Bible verses that DEFINE witchcraft?


  1. No. and i think that would classify as Witchcraft ,which is sin..our Power is supposed to be in God and His Word

  2. They are demonically possessed, items can have supernatural powers, its not something new, but is something taboo and something people don’t want to believe in, those powers come with a consequence, they’re demonic powers. The demonic phenomenon known as sleep paralysis can happen because of different ‘crystals’ that possess different powers being used on the individual and their presence in the room of the individual can spark the phenomenon.

  3. Nope, cheap little crystals will not help you. Research what they are made of and i bet it will be some fairly common rock
    The only things that will heal you is your own body and medical science

  4. The Bible warns us against the use of divination or witchcraft. The use of crystals is something prevalent in the new-age movement which is not compatible with Christianity.
    You must make a choice. Jesus Christ and His teachings (in the Bible) or the world and all of its crystals, gadgets, schemes, and lies.

  5. i dont think they work unless there is some kind of reason for it other than ‘it’s magic!’ because that would be retarted. nd what do u mean by healing crystals, like put it over or on the wound?

  6. It all depends on what you attribute the healing power of the crystal to. If you attribute the power to something spiritual that God is not part of then I would say this is something to stay away from. If you do attribute this power as something from God then let the Holy Spirit within you testify to your heart that this is something right or wrong.

  7. I think crystals are pretty, I even have an amethyst necklace but they’re really just crystals. There is nothing magical about them.

  8. Depends, crystals of what?
    Have you seen the crystals in aspirin? they are beautiful and they do have some great power…as well as the crystal structure of many medicines.
    There is no magic, if that what you are asking…there is a reason why something works or not…its only mystical until we understand it.
    While I’m at it, atheists, the same goes for God. The reason why most of you oppose the idea of God is because of how people have mystified His existence. A correct understanding of any concept helps it become a reality in your life…God is only “mystical” as far as we mystify Him. He is the Father of our spirits. Simple as that.
    anyway…that should answer it.

  9. why don’t you ask yourself if this is something with real power.
    don’t listen to us. trust your intuition. what does your inner voice say?
    is this something that is really making a positive impact on your life?
    if so then it’s good. just learn to trust your gut feeling.
    if a stone resonates with you, why not keep it.

  10. Many dis-eases are psychosomatic, which means yes, it’s partly about “positive-thinking”, which is why placebo’s actually do have some affect on people.
    However, instead of placing faith in crystals, which may or may not work, and could have possible spiritual consequences, I would recommend you read about the atoning work of Jesus through his sacrifice and resurrection. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you through the Word and teach you about what you’re trying, and where you should instead place your trust.
    All things are permissible, but everything is not beneficial (1 Corinthians 6:12).
    There is a reason that divination (which is essentially using another illegal source or spiritualism) is forbidden for Christians. It’s not because they don’t work, or it’s foolish- but rather contrary to that, there does exist illegal entryways into the spirit realm. Jesus clarifies this with
    John 10:1 “I tell you the truth, the man who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber.”
    You, as a Christian are an heir of God, and the Holy Spirit testifies (confirms with) your spirit of this truth. You are a co-heir with Christ, meaning, God sees you the same as Christ in regards to His Kingdom. (Romans 8:17) This being the case, you have no need for any other source of power that through the Holy Spirit of God- He freely gives His Spirit to those who ask (Luke 11:13).
    Essentially, any source that is not through Jesus is counterfeit, and does not hold true value. The temptation exists with using counterfeit, because it seems much easier to obtain, but then it wouldn’t really be much of a temptation otherwise.


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