Christians, Christmas is coming soon and some religions paint it as a Pagan Holiday, what does it mean to you?

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First as a Christian? Secondly, what is your personal celebration of Christmas and do you celebrate any of the Pagan customs? Do you think it is Pagan? Why or why not?

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For those that don’t think it’s Pagan…
I’ll just help you out a little.
It’s from a Christian website no less.


Yes, we keep the pagan custom of putting up a tree (Jeremiah in the Bible I think.)

Infernal Disaster

Christmas is a man-made cultural tradition, what it symbolizes will vary from person to person.
For me, it is a time for giving and time spent with family/friends.


It’s a time to celebrate the winter and the end of the year with food, family, and friends. At the same time it is also a chance to give to the less fortunate and spread love.

sky blue...

Christmast for me is a celebration of LOVE of GOD to humanity. John 3:16 For God so love the world that he gave his only son that whoever believe in him will not perished but has an eternal life.
That’s it.

Joe P

Christians celebrate Christmas in remembrance of the birth of Christ.

nature lover =]

i am troubled and confused about this right now. 🙁
there was even someone before, a christian, who said that we must sacrifice celebrating christmas because we just waste money on buying gifts when so many are homeless. 🙁
but then,, christmas has always been a fun time for me and my family, a time to bond. 🙂
Enlighten me.
what are the pagan customs?
are you good with history? 😀
hahaha :))
thanks and God bless! 😀
Merry Christmas! >:D<


Christmas is a pagan custom and highly promoted by Catholicism (the Mass of Christ).
It’s a sin to celebrate pagan customs, therefore the exchanging of gifts, setting up of trees, promoting and lying about Santa (Satan), gluttonous feasting and alcoholic drinking, etc. should be entirely avoided like the plagues they are.
The sacrificing of animals and humans, by pagans, often took place under the evergreen trees of the mountains which God banned for His people (Jeremiah 3:13).
(BTW, the same applies to Easter (Ishtar, queen of heaven, i.e. Mary)!

♪♫Only♪ By ♥♪Grace♫♥

I am a Christian and for many years have gone along with all the Christmas traditions such as a christmas tree and sending cards and holly and mistletoe and the like. However, I have always remembered it to be a celebration of the birth of Christ.
More recently though, I am becoming tired of all the commercialism and the fact that the true reason for the season has become completely lost and it saddens me. If it was not for my autistic son wanting a Christmas tree up this year [and decorating it himself] I would not have bothered, and I am only sending a few Christmas cards, preferring instead to give some money to charity.
Of course, it is a great time of year for getting together with family and loved ones an exchanging gifts but should it really take one specific day in the year for us to do this! And also the same goes for the birth of Christ – shouldn’t we remember him EVERY day!
I do love turkey – not so much brussel sprouts though lol – and will enjoy a Christmas meal with my family. All the Santa thing i guess is quite magical for children but still its not the real reason why we celebrate Christmas.
I was saddened to learn that the usa it is now official that Christmas is now being referred to as the Winter Holiday…x


As a Christian we celebrate it as the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. As far as I know exchanging gifts is not a pagan practice, it symbolizes the gifts the three wise men gave to Jesus. We do have a tree and we love Santa but try to keep the holiday Christ centered for ourselves and our children. I do feel a lot of pressure this time of year because of the many parties and gift exchanges, it starts to get very stressful and burdensome as the day draws closer. But I love Christmas and the reason we celebrate it.


First as a Christian, Our Lord Jesus Christ on December 25 it was his custom to worship in the temple. John.10:22. The Feast of Dedication was a ceremony of great importance. The Jewish people, will celebrate Dec.25 also. 2nd I am. Personally occupied with the person of Christ.Phil:2:5.


As a Christian I celebrate the birth of Christ at this time.
Yes I do put up a tree and a few decorations. And I do enjoy the traditional Christmas dinner. As to whether it is Pagan or not. That depends on your reason for celebrating.
If you hold to any of the Pagan reasons for celebrating, then yes it is Pagan.
Winter Solstice Midwinter/Yule/Alban Arthan. 21st Dec. is Druid
Dies Natalis Invicti Solis on the 25th Dec. is Roman – Festival of the invincible sun God
The tradition of giving gifts is from two sources – God gave us the gift of His son, and men brought Him gifts at His birth. And St Nicholas (Santa Claus) Left a gift of dowry money to each of the daughters of a poor man who could not afford to provide a dowry for them.
But I did get off the commercial merry-go-round some years back. I cut cards down to immediate family and only a handful of close friends. Gifts to only immediate family, and even then I choose to give something I have made myself if I can, rather than buy them. I now feel I am copping out if I do end up having to buy something. And I get a lot of pleasure over the whole year deciding what to make and making it.
May you have a blessed Christmas season

Faith Jr.

I don’t celebrate it by putting up a tree or getting involved with the obvious pagan traditions but I do give gifts to the children in my life and to my loved ones. I invite people over and feed them a fabulous meal that I cook myself. I relish the comfort of family around me and take advantage of days off, and Christmas bonus’. Also, I try to read my bible more, watch the Nativity Story and I try to fathom the awesome and wonderful gift of Jesus Christ. That God entered into His creation because He loves us so much. That He suffered and died on mine and your behalf so that we could be declared righteous and be where He is. That we can go boldly before the throne of God because of Jesus. Thank you God!


It means primarily the celebration of the birth of Christ.
I do not celebrate any pagan customs.
I go to church on Christmas morning.
I follow the Christian custom of putting up a Christmas tree to represent the new Tree of Life – Christ.
I follow the Christian custom of giving gifts – as Saint Nicholas, the Christian bishop, did and as the Magi did.
I decorate the house with greenery, following Jewish custom (Lev 23:40)
I have a feast with my family because Christ’s birth is something worth celebrating


they can celebrates it how they want to and I will celebrate it how I want to.


Ya know Big Guy, when I was a little child, we celebrated Christmas. The very morning of Christmas we would open presents and then play a awhile then we would shuffle off to Church. I went to a small country church with about 250 members. Once we got their we all set down, in our Sunday best clothes, although Christmas is not always on Sunday, we all went and we thanked God for sending us Jesus as our Savior. I had no ideal what Pagans were back then, all I knew then was Christmas was about Jesus’ birth. The birth of our savior. To a little kid that knew what that meant, that was a big deal. Yea, I thanked God with all my heart, for without him we would all be lost. I still today do the same thing, my church doesn’t have Church service on Christmas morning unless it’s Christmas. But this year I am going to church just before midnight on the 24th to bring in Christmas and again thank God for the Great birth. We all should celebrate this wonder full Holiday. Many religions peg it as a Pagan Holiday. I doubt that there is any Pagan that celebrates the Birth of Jesus Christ. This is the great lie of Satan to mislead us into not celebrating the Birth of our Savior. Just because some of the things that we use in celebration of Christmas was used by the Pagan also does not make it a Pagan thing. The christmas tree, they used a pine tree for one thing or another for some kind of killing or something else. But that is not what we use it for. We use it to represent everlasting life as the tree of Life. Evergreen, as used for everlasting, get the picture. Lighting the tree as Jesus was the light brought into the world, getting a better picture. If we are to give up all thing the the Pagan did we would be dead. They ate food, they drank water, they got married and used a ring, they celebrated with with a lot of stuff we use. I guess when you have a party, you use party stuff. If you use them to celebrate as a Pagan then it is Pagan. If you celebrate as a Christian then it is Christian. It’s what you want it to be, it’s your celebration. How you do it is yours and as long as it is to God it’s good an righteous.

Rai A

I’ve used this model before. Look at the English language. It’s a blend of many different sources – Latin, Norse, French, Old English (a long story in it’s self) many variations of Germanic.
Xmas is a combination of things. Just a few the Religious (Nativity), the Traditional (Winter symbols), the Commercial (modern Santa is a Coke image) & the secular (The Aussie Xmas BBQ).
The Xian faith was not suddenly created fully formed. Many elements were adopted/adapted from any sources – many are considered “pagan” but there is no one “overall Pagan” culture. The “Pagan” sources range from the Parent Jewish traditions, the dominant Roman culture and the many different indigenous group’s traditions as the faith spread across the known world.
A good modern example of this is to look at how Catholicism is expressed in the Philippines.


Doesn’t bother me anymore as a Believer.
Thanksgiving and Christmas is all we do as far as Holidays go.
Pagan ? No, CHRIST mas is not a very good holiday celebration for pagans in my opinion !..LOL
I have every reason in the world to Celebrate My Savior’s Birth !
I think it speaks (((Volumes))) that some would call it pagan and NOT acknowledge the Event, even if it is the wrong Date !
It always comes down to it, the Nitty Gritty if you will……
To Acknowledge Jesus for who He is or try to undermine Him !
Satan wants Him out of the Picture so, I would Celebrate DESPITE Satan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE YOU JESUS and I am Happy to acknowledge your Birth, Life, Death and Life again !!!!!!
My Lord and My God !


The reason it is painted as a Pagan holiday is because many Christmas traditions do come from Pagan Winter Solstice holidays, such as the date it was set, celebrating a divine birth, decorating evergreens, feasting, exchanging gifts, etc.
I personally don’t think modern Christmas is a Pagan custom, it has obviously been adapted to mean something else.
I think people attempt to throw the origins of Christmas and Easter into Christians’ faces because many Christians will argue that anything Pagan is unbiblical, Pagan customs are evil, Pagans are going to hell, anything unbiblical is evil, anything not in the Bible or Pagan in nature is of Satan, yadda yadda yadda.
Basically people are just trying to point out the hypocrisy here.


Well, many of the customs practiced in connection with the Christmas holiday are oagan in origin. But, who cares? Jehovah’s Witnesses do and I am sure they will tell you so here.
At a wedding the practice of the Bride and Groom Cutting the cake together is also a potent symbolic act. As a form of the Great Rite, the cake represents the feminine traits of nurturing and life-giving while the knife symbolizes the male phallus. This boosts the fertility wishes and solidifies the joining together of male and female energies.
The wedding veil is pagan in origin and was adopted by many cultures who each gave it some religious, i.e. Pagan significance. Bon fires also have a pagan Druidic origin. Bon fires, originally bone fires, were used in their ceremonies.
Most of the names of the Months and Day are pagan in origin, for example January is taken from the Roman God Janus.
So while JW’s others decry you Pagan, counterfeit Christians for celebrating a Christmas, a holiday with pagan roots they themselves continue many pagan traditions.
I can tell you that as a Jehovah’s Witness at Jo Ho weddings , I have personally seen and participated in cutting the wedding cake together and brides wearing veils. I might add that these events always ended badly for me, but that’s another story.
Also, at Jo Ho gatherings there were bon fires and I frequently used the names of the Days and Months, a practice I continue to this day.
My point is, when does all this “Pagan origin” stuff stop? Why do Jehovah’s Witnesses and others avoid, like the plague some customs of Pagan origin and embrace others? There are literally hundreds of examples of modern customs with Pagan origin.
I would say the cutting of the wedding cake and what it symbolizes is pagan to the extreme, with sexual overtones. Why don’t Jo Ho’s and others stop doin that??
Did you know that JWs do not toast, i.e. hold a glass of something up and clink everyone elses glass in honor of someone or something? Why?
It’s pagan! It’s Ok to cut a cake with a Phalic symbol, but we will not clink glasses!!
As for Myself, I don’t care. At the Isnrblog residence the ex Jo Ho Deist, I have 4 Christams trees in my house and you can see my house lights from space. We got lit up Santas, reindeer that move, lights that sequence, all kinds of stuff!
And I am not a Christian!! Ha!!
I think we should go back to the pagan roman things they did on “Christmas”, which is really the Saturnalia, the feast with which the Romans commemorated the dedication of the temple of the god Saturn.
Man they had pornagraphic “Saturnalia” cards, drunken orgies. really cool stuff.
Then the Christian renamed it Christmas and it became this mealy mouthed “Peace on Earth” thing, with the Christchild and all.
Man, leave it to the Christians to take a perfectly cool holiday and suck the fun out of it.
“Sleazin’ was the reason for the season”. Now it’s some namby pamby babe in a manger, no real fun thing. And you have to be nice to everyone!
What a freakin’ buzz kill!!


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