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Christians, can you see the real meaning of The Scriptures?

Please read the statements below and tell me if you are seeing the big picture? Why don’t people see the true meaning of the Bible?
Corinthians 3:16, says “You are the temple of God”, and the Gospel of John says the same thing.
The Scriptures are aware of the power latent within us and are usring us to build the temples of our minds. The Second Coming is the coming of man – the moment when man builds the temple of his mind.
Bible calls for a physical temple you say? With two parts, an outer temple Holy Place, and an inner sanctuary called the Holy of Holies, connected by a thin veil? -The human brain is made out of an inner and an outer part, connected by the arachnoid, a veil of web like tissue.
Bible’s account of “manna from heaven”, a substance which heals and nourishes the human kind? -The brain, in meditation or prayer secretes a wax-like substance which is known to cure diseases!
Matthew 6:22 “when your eye is single, your body fills with light” -The dot on a Hindu’s forehead, the location of the human brain, Chakra, which enlightened individuals can harness the light from.
After all, the very first passages of the Bible refer to God in plural form, Elohim. The Almighty God is not described as a being, but rather as Many.


  1. Hey… grasshopper… David Carradine died in a hotel room in Thailand wearing high heels and fishnet stockings… he believed as you do.

  2. The bible does not call for a physical temple. The bible states that there will be no temple.
    The “manna from heaven” in our times is the Eucharist. That is what Jesus taught.
    “the very first passages of the Bible refer to” the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is spoken of in plural due to his plural nature. He is also the “sevenfold Spirit” of the Revelation. In the old testament Joseph’s “coat of many (intense) colors” was a foreshadow of Jesus being clothed in the full Spirit of God.

  3. Our bodies are Temples, and this statement is wrong (The Second Coming is the coming of man ) It is the second coming of our lord Jesus Christ our savor and redeemer our lord and King. Jesus Christ and our heavenly Father are to different individuals. Jesus Christ is the son of our heavenly Father and the only begotten of the father who was conceived thru the virgin Mary. The truth is here what you do with I will be up to you. believe or not your choice.
    There are many who do not understand the scriptures and set it the way they think it should be. For they take no thought to ask the lord if it be true or not .or to seek it true meaning

  4. Christians for the most part view the Bible as a literal history book. They lack the insight to see it as another collection of mythological works that are truly metaphorical, allegorical and symbolic. The esoteric messages of mythology are replaced with the literal historical nonsense of Protogospel reasoning of neo-pagan theology overlaid in the god/man myth of Jesus Christ. The lessons to be learned are of a philosophical and ethical nature and not a history lesson of ancient sheep herders. Fundies are fundies and will always be focused on the literal teachings of Jerusalem and Rome. Although all three branches of Abraham’s religions contain practitioners of mysticism and gnosticism, the fundamentalist of each religion try to discredit these ancient practices. Practices that are accepted and honored in other cultures. Christians tend to view their tree as being an island of religious revelation and not a part of the historical development of man’s religious nature. From the earliest man religion has spread. Concepts of God have been borrowed and remade over and over. This tree has came from one root. Find the living branches.


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