Christians believe jesus is coming back, how can Jesus come back if christians dont believe in reincarnation?






  1. i’m with u! i’m muslim and don’t believe in god and gods son. i mean then if god has a son, who’s his wife? and if god has a wife, then they can divorce. if they divorce then god might be depressed and kill us all, or he might put an end to the world. idk about u but i don’t want a god that can get divorced. and in texas where i used to live, if the man and wife get divorced, the woman gets everything.

  2. Reincarnation is simply a human idea, which actually is not valid, in spite of the apparent “evidence” caused by past life info being available to the mind.
    When Jesus walked around after his death, he was not using the body he was crucified in. If folks realised that, they would begin to see that things are a tad more complex. It is possible, if you have the power, to materialize a body. This has happened a number of times. I can point to an event witnessed by 6,000 people, in Nairobi in 1988. I guess because it was Africa it did not get a lot of press. That was an individual called Maitreya, who created a body that day, then dissolved it again later.
    If you read the series of books called “Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East” you will discover Jesus materialized a number of times, for hours at a time, in front of 11 American scientists. During these periods he was hugged, and ate a meal with them. Then he faded out again.
    So, its no big deal for the Master to do it again. However, he has told us he will not, until this planet has reached “heaven-on-earth”. As any fool can see, we are not doing a good job of getting there. If anything in recent years we have edged closer to total destruction of our planet than ever before. Jesus has thus appointed a “brother” who will turn up here, and have a go once again at teaching us. Boy are we a dumb lot!!! This guys name is Monjoronson, you can look him up on Google. I wish I knew exactly when he will materialize, but I can’t say. I still hope it will be in my lifetime.

  3. It’s not reincarnation there just gonna hook jumper cables up to his old @$$ and jolt him! =D
    It is resurrection by the way reincarnation is when your soul returns in a new body.

  4. There’s a Major difference between Resurrection and reincarnation. Jesus died and rose again in the same body and will come again in the same way he left. He will not come again as a cow.
    Please read the Bible before you ask any more questions about what Christians believe.

  5. Actually, Christians believe he will come back in his divine form, take all the Christians to heaven and then wipe out all life on the planet. More or less.

  6. Christ’s second coming doesn’t base itself on the doctrine of reincarnation, the Bible tells us that “Jesus Christ (God) is the same yesterday, today, and forever”.

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