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Christians and Pagans: What to do with auras?

Christians I include for their Biblically based understanding of spiritual gifts.
Pagans I include simply because y’all are probably more likely to believe me, lol.
A family member sees colored auras around people — thought it was “normal” until realized otherwise. These auras do NOT change in color, nor do they (always OR consistently) match up with personality tendencies found on various websites.
What is their purpose? How can this person use this gift?


  1. Pagan
    Auras are visual manifestations of the chakras. Charkras are energy emmisions of certain nerve ganglia. Its quite involved. email me

  2. Other than telling the person the color of their aura I can’t see this as a “gift”, spiritually speaking.
    A gift from God is always plainly usable as a gift. If you have to work it into something that can be accounted to God, then it probably isn’t from God. I could be wrong, it’s just my experience.

  3. I believe that we can see auras
    however , if this has been going on for some time and there is no change in colour etc … I would suggest that they have a check though
    things like migraine , epilepsy or visual disorders can produce the same effect
    I wonder if they see this constantly or if it happens at certain times ?

  4. Auras aren’t real. They do not exist. James Randi has demonstrated this very well–check it out on Wikipedia under “Aura”.


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