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Christians: An URGENT question about Crystal Healing…….?

Please could any Christian explain in detail why Crystal Healing is wrong for my friend. She used to go to a Christian church but doesn’t go anymore. She recently took a member of her family to a Crystal Healing session which really helped her family member. I have said that I would find out for her exactly why she shouldn’t have anything to do with such practises as I know that God would not approve but I could do with some more help please guys. She has thrown all her crystals away now but has had terrible bad luck and misfortune ever since. HELP!!!
Guys… please remember, I asked for CHRISTIANS to reply to this, as I wanted a Christian point of view. If she feels God has not answered her prayers before, but these crystals really seem to help her relative, what can I say to her?


  1. There is nothing wrong with Reiki and crystal healing. They are simply ways of allowing the body to heal itself, not bringing in outside powers to heal. I know plenty of Christians who have had both done. Why does everything have to be a witch hunt?

  2. Romans 1:18-32. (Stop seeking ‘other ways’ for healing and go directly to God HimSelf!!) He IS The HEALER!! John 14:6. Period!

  3. I don’t think objects have any “powers” or magic. God made our bodies “organic machines” and the brains to figure out how they work and how to administer modern medicine.
    Crystal healing is like magic- It just is sort of silly.
    Her bad luck has to be coincidence, that is all.

  4. There is nothing in the Bible that forbids this type of healing. Many Christians are against anything new age or originating from a non Christian source. With that logic medical science should be rejected too.
    Throwing away the crystals did not cause bad luck or misfortune. Try to be more positive or optimistic. Pray for good things and be on the lookout for good things to happen.

  5. It is of the occult and opens a door to the demonic working in her life.
    Tell her to go see a Christian healing session instead.
    It is free and in all states. If she is having trouble she should talk to a Christian minister about deliverance.

  6. Well since your Friend quit going to Church? Does she still believe in JESUS CHRIST? Because HE is the great Healer of many. This will of course take a Church Family praying and laying on of the Hands. And FAITH, That HE will HEAL.
    GOD Bless YA,
    Chicago Bob. (Imasinner)
    Please pray for our Country and Our President (DAILY)
    There is more Joy in JESUS in 24 hours, Than there is in the World in 365 Days. I have tried them both.(ME TO)
    R.A. Torrey.

  7. IF you think crystals are wrong to use for healing for some reasons listed here, you might as well not use pills and doctors. God gave us many tools that we can make do with, there is more than one option and a combination of those would be better and can do no harm. I think of these as conduits along with the user to channel some sort of healing energy, I think it not much different than faith healing except a bit more powerful in my experience.
    Edit in response to your additional information: By the by, I am a Christian, I just think God gave us tools in this world to heal one another. I believe the power of crystals to be an unexplored by many God given science, like mold into penicillin, there are things God gave us that are not quite so obvious. God gave some of us a mind to explore these other things and we do all we can to teach and help expose these truths and battle some old world close mindedness that has nothing to do with Christianity but more to do with past prejudices and old hangups from wayback that should have been deleted from our culture by now.

  8. Nature can’t hurt you silly. It’s the natural powers within the crystals, and your own natural energy working together to heal the self. If you believe in the Christan God then you believe everything was made by him, so you are only using the natural tools he created for you. Look at it this way, would he really want to help you through your prayer if you hadn’t already exhausted all the available resources already? No. So stop fearing everything that your congregation is in ignorance of, and learn for yourself. If crystal healing is working for you, use it. Stop looking for reasons to be afraid and start looking for the things your God is showing you, like a totally natural way of healing.
    Edit: Why do some christians think everything natural is part of the occult? Crystals are natural things that occur within the ground silly. They have energy that comes from the earth, so what? Ever stop to think that there was a reason your God created them? Maybe so we can use them as a natural healing method? But no, it’s easier to live in fear of everything and just call it evil than actually think isn’t it?!

  9. I’m sorry, I’m not a Christian but some of my friends are and they use this type of healing. Surely if you believe God made the earth, he made crystals too? And if they have energies that will heal, surely they are there because God put them there, if he made the crystals in the first place. Why does all this spark a witch hunt and cause you Christians so much angst? You’re always so worried about upsetting your God who loves you, and is supposed to forgive you, I’m surprised you can’t see why people look elsewhere for answers. Spirituality is not exclusively Christian, God is worshipped faithfully by many different people in many different forms but why are so many people afraid of their own deity? I think its because they are afraid of themselves, as well as being afraid of others who are supposed to be worshipping the same God as they are.

  10. This is a occult practice which calls upon spiritual entities for healing other than God. The crystal itself has no particular medicinal power, it is the power behind the crystal that we should be concerned about. These evil spirits do have certain supernatural powers and are very deceptive. Once you’ve opened the door it can be quite difficult to close because you have given them a legal right into your life. She did good getting rid of these objects but she also needs to renounce any involvement, rebuke any spirits that may have attached themselves to her by the power of the blood of Jesus. Any form of healing that contradicts Gods Word is not from Him. Overall, it’s important to remember that the evil one comes as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14). However, the real motivation is to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10). I have some real life experience on the subject, email me if you need more information. God be with you

  11. Dabbling with the spirit world is very dangerous, all sorts of demons can enter into your life as your friend has discovered.
    The simple remedy is to tell her (and you) to say this prayer honestly.
    ‘Dear Heavenly Father, I am sorry for my sins and know I have done wrong, please forgive me and enter my heart in the name of Jesus. Please drive away all the demons that have entered my life and replace them with your comforting presence, In the name of your son Jesus Christ, amen.’

  12. HI there,
    What should you say to your friend is ‘get all your crystals back from where you have thrown them, give them a super good cleansing and re-energise them’.
    Crystal healing is an ancient form of natural healing, just like reiki. It has been used by various ancient peoples to bring balance to the physical, emotional, mental and spirital self, by allowing our bodies to do what they know to do naturally we begin the healing process. Crystals compliment every faith and encourage ourselves to relax. When we relax, we can start to remove stress from our lives. This in turn can reduce pain, panic, bad eating or sleeping habits etc. It does not detract from any belief in any faith, in fact many people find that it draws them deeper into their faith as they have the peace and quietness to consider what their ‘God’ means to them and how their ‘God’ encourages them to care and nurture themselves.
    As for those that believe that crystal healing is brought through via demons, I think you should probably read up a little more on the subject. The room or space that it is performed in, along with the therapist and the client, are so very well protected spiritually that the only energies allowed through are those of the highest and greatest good.
    Your God has placed all manner of things on this earth for us mere mortals to utilise for one reason or another. Crystals are one of them. I highly doubt that if your God placed them there, he would be against your friend working with them to bring herself peace and harmony, do you?
    Instead of thinking that your God would disagree with their use, take a moment to thank him for these beautiful natural gifts and for the peace they bring to your friend, extend the hand of christianity and be pleased and grateful that she has found a way to bring herself peace, relaxation and healing, all uunder the watchful, loving eyes of your God.
    I hope this helps in some way, wishing you a wonderful future where you always have love in your heart and peace in your mind. 🙂

  13. All Nonsense here on both ends of the spectrum! This is why our world is filled with blind ignorance…. The Bible is so misinterpreted It’s scary…. And for that reason everyone will see their own truth through their own filters. Really naive people and misinformed people will never see the light so don’t bother arguing.

  14. Using Crystals for healing is neither an occult or a christian practice. People have used these healing methods for millenia. Those whose faith is in God, continue to have faith in God, and persue understanding how to use His creation in health and healing. Those whose faith is in other things try to use crystals according to their faith. Christians may be healed through herbs, oils, crystals, western medicine, and/or payer, but ultimately, our healing is by God. Crystal healing practices do not have to include witchcraft, demons, or faith in other gods.


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