Christians: Am I being too hard on myself?

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I took my wedding ring off, after finding out that it originated in Babylon when the Theosophy cult to join a man & woman.
After that I kept wearing my wedding ring but felt guilty for the next 3 days, thinking that it is Pagan, so finally I took it off. Am I going too far? or am I just convicted in my heart?
@ Yuck Foo Yamster, I don’t celebrate holidays, I am non-denominational.
@ Gen-X-er , the rainbow is God’s promise not the flood the earth again. Gensis 9:12-17

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It’s only a ring.
Get over it.


idk but if it makes you feel better and feel like its the right thing to do… then you won’t be punished


too far. for you and your wife it is a symbol of you and sgods love. that is all that matters. it is not pagan to you.

Cee T

I think you’re going too far. A wedding ring will protect you from unwanted advances (some, anyway).


I truly believe your answer is in your heart. If you feel by wearing it that you are contradicting your beliefs, then you shouldn’t wear it. It is just material, and I know how much my ring means to me, but I would be questioning your husband as to why he chose that ring, and maybe you can find the answer within him too. Good luck!

Just Me SFCU

You shouldn’t feel guilty. Remember Paul said in the bible that it wasn’t a sin eating food sacrificed to idols but it was only wrong if someone saw you eat the food and they thought it was sin but ate it because you ate it. Well, it’s the same. It means nothing where it came from. All that matters is that it meant love to you and your husband.
A Christian.

Warrior Poo Flinger

The concept of Satan comes from the ancient religions of Mesopotamia and Babylon, as well as many other concepts: monotheism, heaven and hell, resurrection, were all concepts given to the Jews from the ancient religions. Christmas trees and Easter eggs all come from pagan religions too. The ring can symbolize anything you like. The choice is yours.


You also have a rainbow in your background, does that mean you are an LGBT ally? Good for you!


If it bothers you to wear it on your finger put it on a chain around your neck.I really don’t think it matters to God.


If you put it on as a symbol of your love for your husband, then use it for that. It doesn’t matter what other people used it for or where it came from. I honestly wouldn’t care if mine came from a bubble gum machine. It is the meaning behind wearing it that matters!
When most people wear their wedding ring closest to their heart, then the engagement ring…I wear mine opposite because I was engaged first and didn’t want to take it off just to put it on again after the actual wedding ring.


i think youre being too hard on yourself. that article is a bit out there. seek your own relationship with God and His word in the Bible itself.
do what you feel is right with the ring. I think God respects the meaning of them as He condones the union.
i am non denominational as well and do not celebrate Easter or Halloween, but i wear my ring and it love the meaning, though i dont worship the ring itself…get it.. wink wink. good luck sweetie.

Outraged Minister

If you are under The Blood of Christ, and you walk in His Spirit, you are under no condemnation, (See Romans 8:1-4).
Conviction is what The Holy Spirit does to show us right from wrong, what your feeling is Condemnation, and it is sent by Satan to confuse us, and lead us into bondage to The Law.
Put your Wedding Band back on, and wear it as a symbol of your commitment to God, and your Husband ! Be at Peace, in Jesus Name.


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