Christians, am I a true American?

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I am a career soldier. for most of my career I was in Special Operations and have close to 5 years in combat off an on over my career. I am now in the medical field as I am no longer able to continue my old MOS due to numerous combat related injuries.
I am not a Christian and am of the belief that it is all a myth. There are some that would say that I am not a true American because of my religious beliefs. I am also a Ceremonial Magician and deeply involved in magick.
What are your opinions of this? Does me not being a Christian make me less of an American?
In addition, I have no doubt as to being an American. I just want responses from Christians that feel you are not a real American if you are not a Christian.
This also has nothing to do with President Bush or your opinion of him.
It also has nothing to do with if any of you like America or not.
More coming based upon some of the answers I receive.

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Goddess Enzeru

I think you’re as American as it gets.

Weird Darryl

According to George H. W. Bush, you should not be considered a citizen.


You can still be an American even though you do not believe in God. God can take your rejection. Your decision has an eternal impact


You are more American than most. You went and fought for your country and anyone who said you are not an American because of your religion are idiots. America, the bastion of liberty and freedom guarantees freedom of belief and speech, and you choose freely what to say and believe in. You are what you want to be.


Lately being an American is nothing to be proud of.


Stupid question! Are you not a soldier who fights for freedom? The freedom to choose your beliefs. Why would not being a christian make you less an American. The two have nothing to do with the other.


I am fairly certain that there are millions of Americans of varying religions that are every bit as American as Christian Americans. Being patriotic has absolutely nothing to do with religion. If you have already served your country I really don’t think your patriotism can be doubted.


No it don’t make you less of an American, But You do need to seek God & give your life over to him, Honestly.

Larry's Wife

My husband was in Special Operations during the Vietnam conflict — let’s not call it a war, because it wasn’t.
The unit he was in was called MagSog.
He came home from Vietnam not believing in God because of what he saw. My husband was a broken man, physically and mentally.
The only thing that put his life and mind together to a great degree was coming to know God again.
I encourage you not to give that up, no matter where you are or what you are involved in today.
You are American — the Christian faith is one of the options we have spiritually but by no means a requirement to be an outstanding citizen.


Your religious and/or magical beliefs have nothing to do with whether or not you’re an American. This country has separation of church and state and with good reason. You are welcome to believe as you choose and in no way should that affect whether or not you’re an “american”. Despite what people would have you believe, Christianity is not the only way to believe. In my opinion, as long as you are not hurting other living things or yourself, you can – and should – be allowed to believe what you choose. Many men and women have died to give us that freedom.

Odessa R

I don’t think being a nonbeliever makes you any less American Here in the U.S.A we have the freedom of choice ..thanks for defending our country !!


Absolutely you are as American as they come. God bless you and thank you. oops did I say God.


What is a true American? What is America but an illusion the same as every political division. I don’t think what we do or don’t do defines us. If you had been born in another country and had to fight against America, don’t you think you might be asking a different question.

dartagnon p

Welcome my brother.
You are definitely a TRUE American … at least according to MY standards. I’m a follower of Wiccan which just has one rule “Harm No One” and you can call God by any name you want.
I’m also considered a witch or wizard since I believe more in the invisible than I do in the visible. When people do me wrong I pray that the Higher Powers will show them the way to enlightenment which usually means that they’ll go thru hell and give up their evil ways so in a way I’m sorta mean but its only directed against people who REALLY mess with me and it’s usually carried out by the Powers and not me. I only request balance and let them do the rest. It usually helps the people for which I’m praying anyway and many of them have become useful members of society.
Thank God you’re NOT a Christian. All we need is another freak trying to cram THEIR ideals down other people’s throats. Why can’t they follow their OWN rules? Jesus would have a fit if he heard the fowl words that Christians utter or the prejudicial slurs they toss at the gays, muslims, and anyone else who THEY feel does not live their life properly or according to what THAT particular Christian feels is the “right way to do it”. They put words in God’s mouth and then they distort the Bible passages … most of them don’t even understand the Bible OR their own lives and they are trying to tell others how to live. It’s sick, perverted, and just plain wrong. But they run around all day doing it, not getting a clue as to what they should be doing, but then they would have to “UNDERSTAND” the principles they are professing. It reminds me of the bumper sticker “Lord please SAVE ME … from your Christian followers.”
You keep being who you are and doing what you do and don’t worry about the people who are inevitably going to hell by their own condemnation of others.
Use your magick to heal yourself and repair the old wounds and trust in the Higher Powers to put you back to the way you were when you were born. If you question your abilities to do that just read THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne … a book that I just recently finished and started over for the second time. Great book. Very uplifting.
Sounds like despite the injuries you’ve been leading a full life and experiencing quite a bit of stuff. Meeting new people, with new ideals, new religions, (I want to make a joke here and say “and then killing them” … but I don’t want to demean you in any way and that would be rather a crude, rude, joke but one that sits in my memory and is often a source of laughter for my veteran friends … as long as they know that it’s said in fun).
Peace y’all


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