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Christianity, is there a place for such nonsence?

With people I know moving away from Christianity to earth based religions such as Wicca, Shamanism, Celtic Paganism etc. I question a religion that has few tangible elements to prove it has something to offer. Churches especially anglican seem to get smaller and smaller congregations and having to merge because of falling attendance, what is the future for Christianity in general. I too am Pagan after being brought up into believing that Jesus and God were a good thing all through my life I have found true peace and honesty in Pagansim.
Earth based religions are just that. Tangible elements like the sun and moon, the trees and grass the flowers and birds that we see every day.


  1. ok…. And the tangible elements of Paganism are????
    New Age fantasies are self based. Of course they are going to be more appealing to the me me me me generations.

  2. I am a Christian who is strongly considering becoming a Pagan (in fact, I’d daresay it’s already happened). However, I do not feel a need to cut down Christianity, and in fact, the church I’ve attended is growing rapidly. I also know Pagans who have become Christian. People change their minds, and that’s okay. I’m leaving the church; other people are coming in. Most churches here in this area of the Southern U.S. are growing rapidly, but so are non-Christian groups.

  3. Well it is true what you say– but sad, because there is substance to following Jesus — besides that one day you will bow before God… and so will everyone who doesn’t have God !!

  4. There is. The reason: Jesus really existed, and the things he taught are truly revolutionary, the only principles which can really change the world.

  5. I expect it. I believe the scriptures are clear about this.
    3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first,
    2 Thessalonians 2
    So I am watching what you are talking about with a hopeful mind and heart. I want to see God’s word unfold even in my time. I want to see what God said come to pass as much as I can.
    To me, all this was seen by God and related to us with so many things.

  6. the problem is there are too many people who are in the churches who aren’t really Christian…. as the word “Christian” means “Christ follower”… you’ve been raised in the church, so if you read and actually look at what Jesus taught it should be obvious that most people who claim to be “Christian” aren’t really. what i see what is in store for Christianity is that churches will get smaller and smaller until the only churches surviving are those that are filled with actual Christians and Churches that teach the Bible (which seems to be getting rarer and rarer to find a church that does that). and then i think that people will finally be able to see what Christianity really is as it wouldn’t be masked behind all the bigots, and hypocrites, and Christianity will start to grow again.

  7. I hear you, but there are still those who have true faith, they are the ones who make the church strong, they are the ones which will keep Christianity strong.

  8. The reason why the Anglican Church is getting smaller is because the whole doctrine of the church has become watered down. The leadership of the church no longer believes that Christ is the only way to God (Heaven) and they are now ordaining homosexual bishops. Ditto for Presbyterian and other “main-line” churches that are more about the organization than the Word. The churches that I see growing are the ones who don’t waiver based on the fads of society – like the Catholic Church which is seeing tremendous growth in the U.S. As a pagan you will not experience peace…you may think you are but one cannot experience true peace without Jesus. I hope you will reconsider your decision.

  9. you framed your question to make a statement
    there is no place in Jesus for foolishness I know because as a Jew I came to know him personally too
    i prayed, help me Jesus, I am sorry for my sins, even one lie, come into my heart and be my best friend, amen Revelation 3:19&20 his promise
    your ‘question’ which actually isnt even a question but rather an antagonistic statement with false basis.
    Christian doesnt mean a person that beleieves that Jesus who is God is a good thing…”The deamons/fallen angels, believe in God and tremble.” the bible
    though they believe they do not know Jesus as their savior and friend.
    though you knew or know still that about Jesus being a good ‘thing’ still leaves you never being a ‘Christian’ no more than the deamons.
    Anglicans who are christian in name, are not Christian unless they are born again John chapter 3
    like many others have a religion not a relationship with Jesus as their savior…religion isnt Jesus or salvation

  10. Except for Shamanism the other “religions” you mentioned were created recently. 40 years ago “wiccans” were admiting it on TV. Celtic Pagans were wiped out hundreds of years ago. Some most of these things were created recently. As far as the demise of Christianity is concerned all the Churches that are failing are the ones that were the most liberal. They failed because they became social groups and stopped being Churches.

  11. Maybe it’s not our path, my friend, but that doesn’t make it nonsense. We cannot expect respect for our beliefs if we are not willing to give that same respect to others. Read the responses of the few fundies and wonder if the choice of words in the subject of the question might not have prompted those answers. They have no respect when their belief system is considered “nonsense.” I’d be insulted too.
    Is there a place? Of course. The paths are many, the destination is one. We will each find our way up that mountain, finding that spiritual dogma that helps us become what we should be, makes us one with the Greater Power. And whether you call that Power Yahweh, Danu, Brighid, Vishnu, or any of the other names, it’s only a placemarker for YOU in that book of existence. 🙂
    There’s a place for all.

  12. Christianity is just one of many beliefs, but if one studies other Religions as well as the one that they follow, then one will see that they are all related and are all paths to the road leading to enlightenment.all one must do is follow their belief with true conviction, and not to condemn others for their belief.

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